To properly cook a quince

To properly cook a quince

The quince is fragrant, but is very rigid and firm, and its sour taste causes soreness of the mouth on teeth. At the same time its fruits contain many useful substances and vitamins. It is the most preferable to use similar berry in a boiled look. It keeps the unique, fine aroma and vitamins, but develops a pleasant flavor.

What preparation carry out before cooking a quince?

Before cooking a quince, it is washed out, and in some cases remove a kozhurka from fruits. Carefully cut out a core with seeds, and then cut berries on segments. The next stage – scalding of fruits of a quince in boiled water within 25 minutes. So much time is required that berry became soft. By the way, it is expedient to weld the cut-off thin skin in the small volume of a sugar syrup. He will develop gentle aroma and a good taste, so, after filtering he can be added to jam.

How it is better to cook a quince?

After scalding of pieces of a quince, broth is merged, filtered through a gauze or a sieve, and then add to it sugar from calculation – 800 g on 3 glasses of broth. Mix is brought to the boil, periodically stirring slowly. Further the pan with ready syrup is removed from fire, fill up in it pieces of a quince and laid aside at several o'clock. Later the specified time syrup with berries is brought again to the boil, cooked no more than 5 minutes and again put aside aside for a couple of hours. The procedure is repeated once again then cook until ready. At the end of culinary operation add the citric acid preventing a product zasakharivaniye to jam. Such recipe allows to weld very tasty a quince, though is labor-consuming. Ready jam turns out unusually fragrant, possesses a pleasant sweet-sour flavor, and slices of a quince remain dense, but soft, differ in surprising transparency. In the east these fruits are prepared with walnuts. Segments of berries lower in the boiling syrup prepared at the rate of 400 g of sugar, 1 glass of water on 1 kg of a quince. After five-minute cooking the pan is removed from fire and left for the night. Then the procedure is repeated twice. During the final stage, vanillin, shredded walnuts and the lemon cut on segments is added to jam. The ready-made product develops a refined, pungent taste.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team