To what salad it is better to add salty tomatoes

To what salad it is better to add salty tomatoes

If you want to experience new gustatory senses, then make salads with addition salty tomato. They are perfectly combined with onions, potatoes, a smoked chicken. Green salty tomatoes and in rassolnik are good.

Simple salads

Before preparation of snack dishes, it is necessary to husk red salty tomatoes. It easily departs. With green it doesn't need to be done. The simplest salad with addition of a vegetable pickles becomes so: cut 4 scarlet salty tomatoes with rings. In the same way chop one bulb. Add some salt to vegetables and fill them with fragrant sunflower oil. Send to infuse and be cooled for 30 minutes in the fridge then salty tomatoes salad is ready.

One more recipe of simple salad with salty tomatoes urges to take copies of green color.

Here what is required for preparation of this Uzbek snack under the name: "Shchyor tomato": - 6 pieces green salty tomato: - 3 heads of white or usual yellow onions; - 2-3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar; - olive or sunflower oil. At first pickle onions. For this purpose it needs to be cut on halves or quarters lengthways and to chop thinly across. Fill in spicy vegetable with boiled water for 5 minutes. At this time cut with small squares tomatoes. Merge boiled water, fill in onions with cold water and add to it vinegar. Let vegetable pomarinutsya 15 minutes. Merge liquid from onions and lay out it in a salad bowl, add tomatoes. Fill with oil and remove a dish for 2 hours in the fridge. Here it will reach standard and after this time it can be eaten with appetite. Such salad with a boiled floury potato is good. If you started vinaigrette and found out that there are no cucumbers, then replace them with salty green tomatoes.

Original snack and rich dish

If you want to make unusual salad, then take the 5th boiled potatoes. Them and 2 salty tomatoes cut pieces, add 100 grams of green peas, a little crushed greens of fennel and plumelets of onions. On a large grater rub processed cheese, add one small pack of croutons "Jelly with Horse-radish". Spread snack with mayonnaise and leave on a table to infuse within 40 minutes. It is possible to add salty tomatoes to smoked chicken salad. Take 200 grams of pulp of a smoked chicken. It can be removed from ham or the whole carcass. If there is no smoked game, then that which you baked in an oven will approach. Not always next day it is popular therefore it is possible to make from a game here such salad. Cut chicken pulp, chop tomatoes small, add 4-5 boiled kartoshina. Cut one small red bulb not largely. Dress a dish with mayonnaise or olive oil.

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