Traditional American cuisine

Traditional American cuisine

If to invite you to the American lunch, don't expect to see hamburgers and hot dogs on a table. The hostess of the house by all means will want to brag of traditional dishes.

American cuisine is a fair of tastes at which each eater will find a dish to liking. There are a haricot, corn, potatoes, tomatoes - heritage of Indians. Southerners treat with an appetizing barbecue and buckwheat fritters. Inhabitants of a southwest part of the country prefer Mexican фахитас and такос, and on the Midwest it is excited about Italian ravioli and the Chicago pizza. 

As you already understood, at the Americans living in different states, flavoring preferences differ. But hardly someone will refuse a fragrant and nourishing jambalaya which is prepared in Louisiana. In this dish rice, ham and spicy sausages are successfully combined. It is considered that the name of food came from the French word jambon (ham). Some restaurants of the cook replace ham with fish or seafood. 

New England

The American New England, region in the northeast of the country, pleases gourmets with fish and seafood. Earlier aristocrats from the Old World specially came here to regale on sharp oysters. And now all admire local lobsters who, by the way, are much cheaper than Mediterranean. It is remarkable that the local cod is more expensive than a salmon of. She is so fresh and tasty that doesn't demand special culinary processing: fish is enough to be pripustit slightly on couple.

The well-known new English dish - a chauder. Earlier this dense soup was cooked by the ships. Shell macaroni products (a delicacy for other regions) or fish, bacon, vegetables, cream, oil and spices entered soup. A ready chauder strewed with the crumbed crackers - they in a dry ration of sailors always were enough. Now a chauder - an integral part of kitchen of all Americans. In each state of the country there is own recipe of this dish: somewhere add corn or chili pepper to soup, someone instead of cream uses tomatoes or broth, and some cooks prefer to replace shell macaroni products with a large number of fish.


It is difficult to resist local desserts - chocolate cakes of brownie, cheesecakes and muffins. By the way, the last can be considered correct, only if they find room in a palm. And in the country love a marshmallow - those marshmallows which in the American movies are roasted on a shive by young scouts. From heating the product is inflated and becomes viscous. The cut marshmallows add to salads, desserts and hot chocolate. And if to put fried marshmallows between two crackers greased with chocolate, then smores sandwich will turn out.


There are days when in any American family serve the same dishes. For Thanksgiving Day on tables the huge stuffed turkey appears. Culinary specialists with boundless imagination prepare an indutritsa - a dish matryoshka for which the chicken filled with processed cheese is placed in a duck, and then in a turkey. They say that it turns out perfectly! Christmas is celebrated by bread-and-butter pudding, apple pie and festive cookies. And on the Independence Day the Americans take to the streets and cook a barbecue from meat, fish, chicken or vegetables.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team