Turkey under a smetano-mustard sauce in the multicooker

Turkey under a smetano-mustard sauce in the multicooker

The dish prepared in the multicooker - more dietary. Thanks to non-stick coating of a pan it isn't necessary to add a lot of oil. Besides, the food is cooked quicker, and it means that in products more useful substances remain.

Turkey under a sour cream mustard sauce in the multicooker. Original recipe

Turkey fatter, than chicken therefore for preparation of a dish it is better to use the breast cleaned from skin. Then the dish will turn out dietary. Before putting a bird in the multicooker, pieces need to be pickled. Meat of a turkey rather gentle therefore in order that she became impregnated with sauce, there is enough 30-40 minutes. To pickle 1 kg of a bird, it is required to you:

- sour cream (200 g); - mustard (2 tablespoons);

- soy-bean sauce (1 tablespoon); - seasonings, salt, pepper (to taste).

If you want to make rice or buckwheat as a garnish, then fill grain in the multicooker, and add water. And place pieces of a turkey from above, on a pallet for steam boiling. Thus you will prepare two tasty dishes at once.

Connect marinade ingredients together and rub a turkey. Process pieces with all of the parties, rubbing marinade in meat a little. Put in a glass dish and close a cover. After the bird became impregnated with marinade enough, turn on the multicooker in the Suppression mode and place pieces in a pan. It isn't necessary to oil it, sour cream won't allow to burn to a turkey. Along with a bird it is possible to place a garnish in the multicooker - corn, a cauliflower, broccoli. All this will perfectly prepare and will become impregnated with tasty marinade.

Turkey under a sour cream mustard sauce in the Frying mode. Features of preparation

If you love a crisp, then except the Suppression mode it is necessary to use the Frying mode. The pickled pieces of a turkey quickly are fried in the multicooker from two parties - 10 minutes on the one hand, 10 - with another. Then the semi-finished product is filled in with a sour cream mustard sauce. It is possible to prepare it so: - sour cream (2 tablespoons); - mustard (2 tablespoons); - water (4 tablespoons); - soy-bean sauce (1 tablespoon); - flour (1 tablespoon).

If you use not a breast, and other parts of a turkey - increase time time of their stay in marinade. The thick skin of a bird becomes impregnated long enough. To accelerate process, it is possible to add a spoon of balsam vinegar.

We mix ingredients and we fill in with sauce pieces of a turkey in the multicooker. After that we switch the device to the Suppression mode. We leave for 30-40 minutes. In 15 minutes after the beginning of suppression check a dish. If sauce boils away too quickly - add a little more water. So the turkey will turn out very soft inside and crisp outside.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team