Types of vegetarianism

Types of vegetarianism

The baking plate is understood by vegetarianism not only the certain diet excluding from a diet the use of animal products, or those which were received by infliction of harm to the living being. Also it also a way of life of those who can't remain indifferent to fauna problems. Though people for whom this choice was forced - in connection with an allergy to milk, eggs, intolerance of some animal products meet. Therefore vegetarianism is divided by types of the eaten food.


1. Flexitarianism acts as one of the most flexible forms of vegetarianism. It means consumption of plant products and also, only if there is a strong wish for some meat or fish.

2. And the most strict current is veganism. Vegans consume in food only plant products, completely excepting dairy products, meat, eggs, fish, seafood, medical Besides, they oppose use of cosmetics which was tested for animals, and against carrying leather and fur products.

3. Such type of vegetarianism as a rawism, means food plant products in the raw (fresh fruit, vegetables, germinated cereals, greens, dried fruits, nuts), i.e. that which aren't processed thermally. However consumption of food which was dried up in the sun isn't forbidden. Also syroyeda don't exclude such product as honey from the diet. And here they don't use sugar, porridges, soups, any spices.

4. One more type of vegetarianism is the fruktorianstvo. Adherents of this type are those vegetarians who eat nuts, fruit, seeds. Such choice of food is connected with the fact that fruktorianets don't want to do harm not only to animals, but also plants.

5. Lactovegetarianism allows consumption of dairy products, besides a plant food. There is a similar kind of vegetarianism - it is a laktoovovegetarianstvo in which, except a dairy products, consumption of eggs is possible. Is one of the most widespread vegetarian diets.

6. Other type of vegetarianism - a peskovegetarianstvo. In it together with a plant food the use of fish is allowed.

7. And here seven-vegetarians it is possible to call those who excluded only red meat from the diet. Eggs, milk, light meat, honey and other animal products aren't forbidden to consumption.

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