"Urbech: what is it, as it is eaten and than it is useful

"Urbech: what is it, as it is eaten and than it is useful

Now the great popularity is gained by the healthy, healthy nutrition. Many, caring for the health, come up with the ideas of vegetarianism or even a rawism. With it wide circulation of various superfoods — foodstuff is connected with a large amount of vitamins and nutrients, without preservatives and harmful additives, completely on a natural basis. Already now on counters of shops it is possible to meet jars with the mysterious inscription "urbech" what is it and than it is useful, let's understand.

What is and as do urbech

Urbech or as it is called still, the urba is a traditional Dagestan product. It is made of various seeds, fraying them in the dried look to a uniform state. At the expense of the oil which is emitted from grains the product turns into paste. Stone millstones are applied to mastication.

If earlier this dish was cooked only for own consumption in house conditions, then now there are productions which are releasing urbech in industrial volumes.

Whether you know? In 1955 in India the portable urbech-maker working from network, otherwise, the household appliance with granite millstones for house production of an urba was for the first time let out.

In the homeland urbech usually prepare from seeds of a flax, apricot stones, various nuts, sesame or hemp. Any of these types has the advantage and harm therefore before enjoying taste of unusual delicacy, surely find out what it is made of, in order to avoid an allergy.

Advantage of different types

Depending on from what raw materials prepare an urba, also useful properties of a product, and purpose of its use can change.

  • Urbech from a linen seed — one of the most traditional types, it has the high content of amino acids and biotin at the expense of what positively influences a condition of hair and nails, sates them with force. Thanks to the high content of fatty acids there is a strengthening of vessels and removal of "bad" cholesterol.
  • The Urba from apricot stones has bitterish specific smack. Supporters of traditional medicine are convinced that thanks to B17 vitamin which is contained in it capable to destroy carcinogens, the reception of this product promotes treatment from oncological diseases.

Important! B17 vitamin is not recognized as official medicine. Actually it amigdalin — toxic toxic agent from a class of cyanides, capable to cause a serious poisoning at excess of admissible concentration.

  • In an urbecha from apricot stones the maintenance of an amigdalin is significantly lower, than admissible norm therefore he is quite safe if he is very useful not to abuse it, moreover, at diseases of respiratory organs.
  • Urbech from sesame the high content of calcium is incredibly useful, in it that is useful for a skeleton and teeth, besides, the sesame seed has soft laxative effect and promotes removal of toxins from an organism.
  • Hempy urbech is traditional for the Dagestan cuisine too. The hempy seed is an ideal power source thanks to the high content of oil and amino acids. The unique structure of seeds of hemp includes the globulins which are responsible for maintenance of our immunity. Special value is that in hempy seeds there is no gluten, respectively, people can use a product on their basis with intolerance of this protein.

Whether you know? Initially, many centuries ago, urbech from hemp prepared for supply of the soldiers going to mountains. The product acted as a fast and available source of carbohydrates, at the same time soldiers had no need to bear with itself large stocks of provisions.

  • Almond urbech, incredibly tasty product with a large amount of oils, improves work of a liver and gall bladder, works as antioxidant. Except almonds it is admissible to use also other nuts or their mix, advantage of such paste will be not less.


Paste urbech is used not only as useful and tasty having a snack, it is possible to apply it in various culinary purposes, not to mention advantage to health.

In cookery

As we already found out, traditional urbech prepare fraying raw materials in uniform paste, without additives and dyes. Usually Dagestanis eat it smearing on a lavash, having added a small amount of honey to mix.

The product initially quite dense to make it similar to sauce, it is mixed with the kindled butter. Such delicacy perfectly is suitable for preparation of nourishing sandwiches.

Some resourceful gourmets add such paste to oat or rice porridge to make a breakfast even more nourishing and useful. Urbech eat not only in pure form, let's learn what this delicacy is still compatible to.

  • Milkshake with addition of fruit — is better if it is banana or a peach — will perfectly recover 1-2 tablespoons of any nut urbech;
  • Oily and not possessing a pungent smell hempy or linen urbech perfectly mixes up with vinegar or juice of a lemon and vegetable oil and turns into juicy sauce for vegetables salad.
  • If to add to an urba it is a little kefir and honey, then such mix will become great gas station to pancakes or fritters — it is not worse, and, above all, it is much more useful than condensed milk.

In medicine

In the Dagestan traditions the urba is applied as folk remedy to treatment and prevention of various diseases:

  • for treatment of heart and strengthening of vessels;
  • for decrease in level of cholesterol in blood;
  • as mukolitichesky cure for diseases of bronchial tubes;
  • for normalization of work of intestines, as light laxative;
  • thanks to the high content of vitamins and amino acids the product perfectly increases immunity;
  • such product as urbech from a flax, is antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory effect, often it is appointed to accept at gynecologic problems.

How to choose upon purchase

From the aforesaid it is clear that to prepare an urba in house conditions available to not everyone therefore today it is much simpler to buy a ready-made product in supermarket or in the market.

Correctly to choose paste, it is necessary to know what to pay attention to.

  • First of all it is important that initial raw materials were qualitative, nuts or seeds are usually applied in a dried look, but mild roast is allowed.
  • The product has to be uniform, average density, without additional impurity.
  • Color of an urba can differ depending on raw materials, however should not contain artificial dyes.
  • Began to smell pastes usually sweet, with excessive sweetness notes.
  • As a part of mix there should not be fragrances and other additional substances, except an initial product.

How to store urbech in house conditions

Owing to the fact that delicacy is made of natural raw materials it is not subject to long storage. The closed jar can be stored of half a year about one year, it depends on on the basis of what it is made urbech. It is recommended to store a product in the dark place at the room temperature. After packing opening, paste needs to be used as soon as possible, the maximum storage time in the fridge makes 5 days in the closed container.

Contraindications and harm

The Urba as the natural power engineering specialist, has big advantage, however its excessive use, undoubtedly, can do harm to an organism.

  • First of all it is about individual sensitivity to product components therefore you should not use it in large numbers at once.
  • High content of carbohydrates can become the reason of increase in level of sugar.
  • Excessive hobby for this delicacy can strike a figure.
  • A large amount of oils in structure can cause frustration of a chair.

Important! Despite undoubted advantage, nut urbech it is necessary to take with caution at pregnancy to avoid appearance of an allergy.

So, acquaintance to such unusual and useful delicacy as Dagestan urbech, allowed us to find out that the use of a product in food has the all-strengthening and revitalizing effect, and observance of reasonable dosages of a product will minimize possible harm.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team