Use of medicinal properties of sole, or a halibut in the medical and cosmetology purposes

Use of medicinal properties of sole, or a halibut in the medical and cosmetology purposes

 Sea fish is very useful - it is a fact of common knowledge. And still meat of various representatives of the water world differs on the caloric content and the chemical composition, so, and on the effect which had by this product on our organism.

Let's consider from this point of view of such inhabitant of sea depths as a halibut.

Let's begin with the fact that, contrary to popular belief, the halibut is not the name of fish of a specific type. Under this name several different fishes are united, and all of them treat types of a flounder. In particular, distinguish:

  • belokory halibuts, treat them Atlantic and Pacific;
  • strelozuby halibuts, treat them Asian and American;
  • black (they are also called sinekory) halibuts;
  • kambat paltusovidny.

The halibut is the cold-loving predatory fish meeting generally in northern latitudes. The area covers her cold waters of the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic and also the sea — Japanese, Okhotsk, Barents, Beringovo.

Whether you know? If the Asian representative of a sort is absolutely small small fish weighing only couple kilograms, then his belokory relatives, inhabitants of ocean depths, reach the four-meter length (sizes of a tiger shark, one of the most dangerous sea predators) and weight to three tons. Such big fish is enough to feed several hundreds of people!

And to be sated with meat of a halibut really easily. In 100 g of fillet of fish, depending on a look, from 140 to 220 kcal contain. It is more, than at many darlings us sea inhabitants.

Even the humpback salmon and a starred sturgeon cannot compete to a halibut on caloric content, only such frankly fat fishes as a herring, a salmon, a saury, a beluga, some species of an eel and others treat more nourishing (for comparison: in 100 g of shrimps it is less than 100 kcal). It is interesting that meat of a halibut is nearly one protein. There are no carbohydrates in fish at all, and fat very little (is approximately ten times less, than a squirrel). If to speak about figures, then nutrition value of 100 g of a product following:

  • proteins: ~ 18.5 g;
  • fats: ~ 1.3 g;
  • water: ~ 79.0 g;
  • ashes: ~ 1.2 g.

Such power ratio does not do a dish ideally balanced: according to the recommendations of physicians, proteinaceous food has to contain no more than 12% in a diet, it is the best of all to receive about 60% of calories from carbohydrates and to take the rest from fats. However as a proteinaceous component a halibut — a great choice for those who watch over the health.

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At a halibut there are almost all vitamins necessary for the person (the exception is made, perhaps, by only ascorbic acid). In particular, in fish is:

  • Retinolum (vitamin A);
  • thiamine (B1 vitamin);
  • Riboflavinum (B2 vitamin);
  • niatsin (B3 vitamin);
  • it is well-cared (B4 vitamin);
  • pantothenic acid (B5 vitamin);
  • pyridoxine (B6 vitamin);
  • folic acid (B9 vitamin);
  • cyanocobalamine (B12 vitamin);
  • tocopherol (vitamin E);
  • calciferol, cholecalciferol (vitamin D).

Among the macrocells which are a part of a product it is necessary to call first of all potassium and phosphorus, but also — sodium, magnesium and calcium, among minerals — iron, manganese, copper, selenium, zinc. Further, at fish there are all ten irreplaceable amino acids which our organism cannot synthesize independently and, respectively, has to receive from the outside. It:

  • valine;
  • isoleucine;
  • leucine;
  • lysine;
  • methionine;
  • threonine;
  • tryptophane;
  • phenylalanine;
  • histidine;
  • arginine (it is irreplaceable for children).

In a halibut there are a lot of also replaceable amino acids among which it is possible to call asparaginic and glutamic acids, alanine, glycine, proline, serin, cysteine, tyrosine.

The animal fat which is contained in this fish is a cholesterol source. However this sterol in a halibut of only 49 mg on 100 g (for comparison: cholesterol content in a mackerel at the rate on the same weight is 360 mg, in a starred sturgeon of 300 mg, in a herring of 97 mg). It is known that the value of sea fish first of all is defined not by vitamins and minerals, but fatty acids. Besides saturated fatty acids (lauric, miristinovy, pentadecanoic, palmitic, margarine, stearin, arachidonic, begenovy and lignotserinovy), in a halibut there are a lot of nonsaturated fats (monounsaturated, including the Omega-9 and also polyunsaturated, including the Omega-3 and the Omega-6) which are considered as the most useful and valuable to our organism.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids — very valuable product, however respect for their correct balance is very important. There are various approaches to this question, however is unambiguous that the Omega-6 in our organism has to come to two-five times more, than an omega-3 while actually we receive the Omega-6 in twenty, and even thirty times more, than an omega-3 (by the way, Eskimos who use these acids in equal proportions practically do not know about what is death from cardiovascular diseases). A shortcoming the Omega-3 (in comparison with the Omega-6) makes us sluggish, sleepy and weak.

Important! The value of a halibut is that in this fish quantity useful the Omega-3 of polyunsaturated fatty acids almost in eight times more, than less valuable the Omega-6!

At this fish there are all to a Torah the main a fatty acid Omega-3: alpha and linolenic (ALA), eykozapentayenovy (EPA) and dokozahexayenovy (DHA).

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From told above it is clear that the use of a halibut is excellent prevention of problems with a cardiovascular system, including arrhythmia and thrombosis. The small fish also is useful to a blood system: it strengthens walls of vessels and thus interferes with development of atherosclerosis.

The substances which are contained in a product possess anti-inflammatory action, promote removal from an organism of hazardous substances, improve intracellular exchange and strengthen the organism resilience to external and internal threats (speak even about anticarcinogenic activity of fish).

The halibut is useful to elderly people in terms of prevention of Alzheimer's disease, improvement of memory and intellectual activity. Well the product affects also our sight, providing stability of a plaintive film and preventing development of dystrophy of a yellow spot that also acquires huge relevance in old age.

Presence at fish of vitamin A and vitamin D also is very valuable.

Important! A halibut, along with fat of seals, a mackerel, a herring and a cod, use for production of cod-liver oil.

The protein which is contained in sea fish is very easily acquired. No wonder, many times it is less connecting fabric in its meat, than, for example, in beef (as is well-known, the more connecting fabric, the quality and culinary value of meat are lower).

As a result, despite high caloric content, the halibut does not cause heavy feeling in a stomach. Moreover, this small fish is often used in various diets for weight reduction, the amino acid a lysine which is its part is an excellent burner of fat.

Each hostess knows that halibut dishes have high tastes and are useful to our health. But it will be interesting to women to learn that this sea inhabitant is capable to make them younger and more attractive, his impact on an organism has not only internal, but also external manifestations.

Whether you know? Ella Bachet, the most famous druggist and the author of a set of opening in the field of cosmetology, including strips for depilation with cold wax, traveling around northern regions together with the husband, paid attention to surprisingly well-groomed hands of local fishermen. It would seem, from continuous contact with cold water skin has to grow coarse and burst! It turned out that natives for protection against cold grease hands with fat of a belokory halibut. On the basis of this observation in 1958 Ella made and presented to the world hand cream with allantoin also the Omega-3 fatty acids, using as raw materials the same substance, as northern fishermen — fat of a belokory halibut.

Thanks to the balanced combination of vitamins A and D, polyunsaturated Omega-3 fatty acids and also calcium cosmetics (creams and ointments) with fat of this predatory fish provide:

  • moistening and regeneration of skin;
  • increase in its elasticity and elasticity;
  • smoothing of small wrinkles;
  • prevention of allergic rashes;
  • healing of inflammations, chronic dermatitis;
  • elimination of pimples and acne rash.

Are not less useful to skin of botanical oil — fir, rape, hempseed, sea-buckthorn, almond, mustard, corn oil, tea tree oil, rosemary, a lemon, jojoba.

Whatever useful the halibut was, this small fish nevertheless possesses certain contraindications.

First of all it is worth refraining from such food in the presence of digestive tract diseases in an aggravation stage and also at problems with a liver (including hepatitis) and kidneys.

Also the hypertension belongs to contraindications.

Pregnant women and children should use a halibut carefully because of risk of poisoning with mercury which can contain in this grade of fish. Besides, salty and smoked products so the way of preparation of fish is also of great importance badly are suitable for this category.

The people having an allergy to seafood with high probability have individual intolerance and to a halibut.

Any products can be used, having only convinced that they are fresh. However concerning seafood the observance of this rule is vital. For those who live far from the native habitat of a halibut, fresh (in literal sense) a carcass of this fish — inaccessible luxury. To such regions she is brought frozen or cooled.

The last option, by the way, is practically not used as the technology of catch of a deep-water predator does not allow to deliver a catch to the land quickly enough therefore freeze fish, as a rule, directly onboard the fishing vessel.

Important! The cooled halibut — very big rarity. Having seen a similar miracle on a counter, be convinced that do not offer you previously defrozen fish that is absolutely inadmissible. Even having seen the relevant documents, you do not hurry to trust the seller: ask to specify in what look there arrived the goods, and ask to show the corresponding container.

Other business — the frozen option. However and here it is necessary to show vigilance.

It is considered to be that a large amount of frost on fish is sign of dishonesty of the seller and even the certificate that the product was repeatedly defrozen and frozen again. Actually it not absolutely so. Often even very famous producers sell seafood literally wrapped up in a dense ice fur coat: it is considered that thus the maximum safety of all useful substances which are contained in them is reached. Other business that the weight of ice should not be set off in the weight of fish — honest sellers always follow this rule.

Certainly, having bought the frozen fish, it needs to be stored in the freezer and to defreeze just before preparation. It is the best of all to do it on the lower shelf of the fridge if time allows, or if it is necessary to accelerate process — at the room temperature. But it is never necessary to defreeze fish, having put her in water, especially in warm!

The smell of sea water inherent in a fresh halibut, in the frozen fish it is difficult to define, but if the product exhales foreign chemical aroma — such goods cannot be bought.

The rules of storage at smoked fish. A smoke-cured halibut — the most useful option of preparation, but also a period of storage at such fish small. Such fish it is necessary to use within 72 hours, at the same time it is necessary to keep her in the fridge at a temperature from -2 °C to +3 °C.

The halibut of cold smoking can be stored on the top shelves of the fridge up to two months, but such small fish usually more salty and fat. Nevertheless the specified terms can be prolonged significantly, having put smoked fish in the deep freeze.

Important! The correct storage of fish demands deep freezing which can not always achieve in house conditions.

But if freezing is carried out correctly, steam of additional months for a product cannot worry. It is only important to provide it continuous ventilation and humidity within 75-80%.

The halibut, certainly, treats those products which surely should be included in the diet. To provide to an organism the ideal balance of the useful substances which are contained in fish her should be used in the small portions instead of meat two, and better three times a week. It will give you sheer pleasure, unlike many other useful things, dishes from this fish have excellent tastes!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team