Useful and dietary sweeties

Useful and dietary sweeties

Remained till summer very little. Beaches, open swimsuits, short skirts … Women quickly throw off collected during the winter two-three of extra kilos.

Someone shouldn't get big work it together: to refuse without batting an eyelid piece of cake on a birthday of the colleague; pass by a counter with the most tasty eclairs or lay the candies presented by the husband for the distant shelf. But most of people has no such will power.

Heaviest on a diet to sweet teeth. Sharp restriction of sugar leads to disgusting mood, constant slackness, chronic fatigue and extreme irritability.

For the second day of such diet there is a wish to throw this silly invention and to gorge on from a paunch of favourite vkusnyashka. Nutritionists of the whole world recognize that absolutely it is dangerous to refuse sweet harmfully and even. "joy hormone" serotonin ceases to come to an organism, the person becomes gloomy and gloomy. In hard cases the diet with total rejection of sugar can lead to a severe form of a depression.

But how to be? How to lose weight, continuing to eat sweeties? As an exit in this situation serve useful sweeties.


Very useful and tasty product, is vitamin-rich also minerals. Honey is capable to accelerate a metabolism, thereby promoting weight loss.

Due to the high caloric content the use for losing weight is limited to 2 tablespoons a day.

Dried fruits

One more useful sweet – dried fruits. They contain useful elements in a large number. Dried fruits add to porridge or muesli, cook from them compotes and eat just like that.

Are very effective at such problems with a chair as a lock, often meets at losing weight.

It is recommended to be limited 30 гр in day because of the same high caloric content.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate – excellent antidepressant. Couple of pieces of this sweet during an instant lighten the mood, gives a cheerfulness charge, wins against fatigue. Chocolate well affects nervous system and heart.

Norm in day – 30 гр

Fruit jelly

Fruit jelly which part pectin – the useful substance extracted from fruit is means. Presence of pectin at structure has to be reflected in packing if there are no such instructions, then such fruit jelly isn't useful at all.

Norm of fruit jelly with pectin in day – 20 гр


The most dietary sweet from all above-mentioned. Cook marshmallows from apples, sugar and egg white. It incorporates too high-valuable pectin which helps to bring hazardous substances out of an organism and to adjust work of digestive tract.

It isn't obligatory for sweet teeth to choose between a good figure and "dolce vita" at all. By means of useful sweeties it is possible to afford both.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team