Useful and medicinal properties of pumpkin honey

Useful and medicinal properties of pumpkin honey

Honey is rather widespread product which has a set of grades. Each grade is received from certain culture, a melliferous herb which is pollinated by bees. However there are rare grades which are difficult for receiving in view of lack of necessary landings of plants. In this article we will tell about what represents pumpkin honey as it is used in medicine and whether it is possible to use it at pregnancy.

Let's begin with what is a part of very rare sweet which cannot almost be gained even in those regions in which the big areas are engaged with melon cultures.

Vitamins: With, almost all group B, PP, K, E, folic acid.

Minerals: manganese, magnesium, iodine, potassium, phosphorus, selenium, sodium, calcium, cobalt, aluminum, iron.

The pumpkin product in the fact that special essential oils, cellulose, pectins, organic acids and phytosterols are its part differs.

Learn what advantage pumpkin what dishes can be prepared from it whether pumpkin sunflower seeds are useful conceals in itself.

Caloric content directly depends on the region of collecting therefore can deviate for 10% of the specified average power value which is 303 kcal on 100 g.

Nutrition value:

  • proteins — 1 g;
  • fats — less than 1 g;
  • carbohydrates — 80 g.

Important! In 100 g of a product about 18 g of water contain.

Speaking about advantage of a bee product, we will mention that the sweet improves digestion and also promotes removal of slags from an organism. Medical possesses diuretic action, therefore, is irreplaceable for those who suffer from hypostases. The product is included in a dietary diet as it is capable to reduce cholesterol level in blood, well influencing the capacity of vessels. Also helps at diseases of a secretory system and bodies which are involved from a liquid organism at a distance (kidneys, a bladder).

The sweet is recommended to use to people for whom anemia as honey contains a lot of iron which is so necessary at an anemia was diagnosed.

You should not forget about bactericidal properties which help not only to strengthen the immune system, but also to cope with many diseases. Because of these properties the sweet does not spoil for years.

Important! It is about natural honey, but not about a product which is preparing on the basis of pumpkin pulp. The artificial pumpkin sweet is kept not longer than month.

Further we will talk about how the sweet in traditional medicine and cookery is used.

In traditional medicine it is used first of all for saturation of an organism by vitamins and minerals and also for strengthening of the immune system. By means of pumpkin honey, diseases of a liver and kidneys treat, use it for removal from radiation organism and also heavy metals.

The pumpkin sweet is used at dysbacteriosis and also at intestines dysfunction. It is applied to normalization of arterial blood pressure both at hypotonia, and at a hypertension.

It is outwardly used for acceleration of cell regeneration that accelerates healing of wounds, burns and bruises.

Generalizing the aforesaid, it is possible to draw a conclusion that the product on the useful properties not strongly differs from other grades of honey, however gives to the person all those useful substances and connections which are a part of pumpkin therefore is a unique product of beekeeping.

Whether you know? The most expensive Elfin honey is estimated at $6.5 thousand for 1 kg. Such high price is caused by the fact that it is got in a mountain cave at a depth of 1.8 km where the sweet is enriched with minerals.

As well as in a case with other grades, the pumpkin option is used for preparation of various pastries, some sauces and also sweet drinks. At all this it is worth remembering that the bee product loses practically all advantage if gives in to influence of high temperatures. That is if temperature exceeds 50 °C, then it will turn into sweet, but useless food which there is no sense to use in the medicinal purposes. At such temperatures vitamins and also active agents which bring benefit to our organism collapse.

For many people honey — the unified concept, however properties of white, white, buckwheat, dyagilevy, chestnut, sunflower, flower, akatsiyevy, meadow honey differ.

It is dangerous to use products of beekeeping during pregnancy as they can cause the strongest allergic reaction. This ban extends also for breastfeeding.

However it is possible to make an exception, but only in case honey was made by the person, but not a bee. That is the bee product is forbidden to be used during pregnancy, however if honey was made of pumpkin pulp without addition of products of beekeeping, then to you and your child nothing threatens provided that you will respect the rules. Artificial pumpkin honey contains the same useful substances and vitamins, as in a melon field therefore the sweet is very useful both to you, and to your child, and the vitamins which are a part will help to replace those fruit which are forbidden to be used during incubation and after the delivery.

At all this it is worth remembering that you, in fact, use not honey, and sweet pumpkin juice with sugar which delivers to your organism many carbohydrates. Such sweet can negatively affect a figure if to use it in large numbers.

Honey, of course, the most known product of beekeeping, but it is necessary to look narrowly at properties of bee pollen, a perga, subpestilence, poison, propolis, a uterine milk more fixedly.

At once It is necessary to tell that if you have an allergy to bee products, then you cannot eat the real pumpkin honey, however the ban does not extend to the artificial option prepared on the basis of pumpkin.

Other contraindications:

  • obesity;
  • diabetes;
  • problems with teeth;
  • cholelithiasis;
  • the lowered acidity of a stomach.

Fast carbohydrates which contain in a product can do much harm to your organism. They not only have negative effect on body weight, but also do not give long feeling of satiety because of what you should not add honey to products which you use for breakfast as in several hours you will want to eat.

Also it is worth understanding that the quality of the honey made in house conditions directly depends on quality of pumpkin therefore carefully select a product that there were no problems with health. Remember that the made an incision tykvina is forbidden to be bought.

Whether you know? Honey contains all useful and dangerous components of those plants from which nectar was built. So, in 1985 the batch of honey for the reason was detained that the product contained cocaine. Bees were let out on a plantation by cooks where insects collected nectar with drug.

Now you know that there is a pumpkin honey which can be both a beekeeping product, and the simple sweet prepared on the basis of a melon field. Do not forget that if you have an allergy to pumpkin, then you are forbidden to use both a bee product, and artificial.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team