Useful products in food"

Useful products in food"

people conduct correct and a healthy lifestyle, but do not even suspect that their food and a diet it is made not absolutely correctly. What main components make really correct menu for full maintenance of a healthy lifestyle? By itself that in this option all addictions, including consumption of alcoholic beverages, smoking of cigarettes, abuse of salty, bitter and sweet food are excluded.

The basis of cells of a human body is water. Therefore it is recommended to use water in enough. However, not all water is suitable for our diet. The best – the structured water. Such name was given by scientists to usual melt water which on the building and properties is almost equal to water in our cages of an organism. It is also possible to drink and serum which is emitted in fermented milk products. It is the best of all to use melt water from snow or just to freeze and defreeze purified water. Serum is received from cottage cheese and sour milk.

The sprouted grains bean – a product in which contains almost all useful substances, minerals and vitamins. For this grain of bean presoak for the night, and merge water in the morning then leave them for 10-11 hours that grains sprouted. Use a ready-made product in salads and in the form of garnishes. Seeds of wheat, haricot, oats and lentil are usually used.

The largest amount of proteins and nonsaturated fatty acids which are very demanded in a human body contain in seeds of pumpkin, a sunflower and sesame, especially in the sprouted look. No other food can replace the maintenance of minerals, and the quantity calcium in seeds of sesame, poppy and linen surpasses fermented milk products many times over.

Consumption of herbs – one of the most useful qualities of people which watch over the health. Fennel, parsley, a basil, a St. John's wort, a celery and a sea cabbage concern them. They contain many vitamins, minerals and other useful substances. 

Honey – to all the head as our ancestors claimed. Natural substitute of sugar has a useful number of properties which is used at treatment of many diseases, especially at cold.

Fresh berries and fruit – the main source of vitamins which are not enough after the long periods, especially after winter.

Walnuts – a source of vegetable proteins and nonsaturated fats which are used for treatment of many diseases however them should be used very in small amounts. The recommended weight for a diet – about 100-150 grams a day.

The crude rice, buckwheat and porridge – very useful sources of useful carbohydrates and proteins which do not have equal. Even meat products do not contain so much useful protein, especially contains in these products long carbohydrates which are digested for long term and help with work of digestive tract. It is desirable to use them in the morning for breakfast and also in the form of garnishes.

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