Useful properties and application of ivan-tea

Useful properties and application of ivan-tea

Ivan tea – the national name of a herb a willow-herb uzkolisty. This really unique plant which can be met practically throughout Russia.

Ivan tea was used by traditional medicine for preparation of tasty and useful drink for a long time. Advantage of application of a plant to treatment of various diseases is that it doesn't cause accustoming.

Useful qualities Ivan tea.

Use Ivan tea helps to get rid of a headache, to normalize a dream, to remove nervous tension. It is used for relief of symptoms of epilepsy and treatment of neurosises. However, the willow-herb uzkolisty is rather widely applied practically in all fields of medicine. However you shouldn't use infusion more than 2 weeks in a row as diarrhea can begin.

The drink made from a plant is recommended to drink at stomach ulcer and gastritis, a meteorizm and an enterokolita. Ivan tea has positive impact on the angry mucous membrane of a stomach and normalizes an intestines vermicular movement. Quite often, ivan-tea is appointed for rinsings of a mouth at caries and periodontosis. The plant at diseases of a bronchopulmonary system isn't less useful and urinogenital. The plant contains a large amount of vitamin C that allows to use it for treatment of an anemia. Application of curative drink is authorized to pregnant women as means doesn't give any side effects and has practically no contraindications. The willow-herb uzkolisty contains iron, nickel, titanium, molybdenum, manganese, a pine forest, potassium, calcium, sodium, copper, lithium. In its structure pectin, bioflavonida and tannins are found. Vitamin C content in 100 grams of vegetable weight reaches 400 mg that considerably exceeds amount of vitamin B of a citrus. Also, in ivan-tea there are group B vitamins.

As use a willow-herb uzkolisty.

Capacity in which ivan-tea will be ready is rinsed boiled water. Then, in it put 2-3 teaspoons of the dried-up leaves and flowers of a plant. In capacity pour 150 ml of boiled water, densely close and wait for 5 minutes. After that add 350 more ml of boiled water. It is better to use spring or well water for preparation of drink. Tea has to infuse about ten minutes. If tea seems insufficiently strong, it is possible to increase amount of "tea leaves", it won't do harm. The only contraindication to consumption of drink – individual intolerance. You shouldn't add sugar to tea. It is more preferable to enjoy fragrant drink with small addition of natural honey.

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