Useful properties, harm and contraindications, preparation and storage of a yachka

Useful properties, harm and contraindications, preparation and storage of a yachka

Not each person knows that barley grits — extremely useful product. It is saturated with a set of vitamins and minerals. Besides, yachka dietary: thanks to it you will be able to maintain symmetry of a figure and healthy appearance without problems. About all useful qualities of this grain read in our article.


Barley grits are unpolished particles of a kernel of barley — the most ancient cultural plant which belongs to family of Cereals.

Yachka is the shredded kernels of barley different in a form, without flower plyonochek. This grain is not ground and not polished from what it contains bigger amount of cellulose. Before processing the kernels clean from defects and small grains, various impurity, agrestal seeds.

Barley grits have no grades. Depending on the size of its grain subdivide into No. 1, 2, 3. On our counters, as a rule, it is possible to find mixes of these numbers.

Whether you know? Recently archeologists found kernels of barley to which 11 thousand years in Jordan!

Vitamins, minerals, micro and macrocells

In a yachka there are a lot of most useful vitamins and minerals: vitamins of groups B and A, E, RR, minerals — silicon, phosphorus, fluorine, chrome, zinc, a pine forest. It is saturated with potassium, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, nickel, iodine and so forth.

Grain somewhere for 5–6% consists of cellulose which is by all means necessary to a human stomach, intestines. She puts digestion in order, helps harmful products of disintegration to leave an organism. Barley protein is acquired almost for 100%.

We advise to get acquainted with way of preparation and advantage of grain of a kino, bulgur, spelled.

Caloric content

In 100 g of a yachka of 324 kcal:

  • proteins — 10.4 g;
  • fats — 1.3 g;
  • carbohydrates — 66.3 g;
  • rough fibers — 13.0 g.

Whether you know? In old times seeds of barley were a peculiar criterion of length and weight. Five cleaned kernels equaled to the Arab carat in 0.2232 g. And three grains — to one English inch, that is 2.54 cm.

Useful properties

At a yachka there are a lot of useful qualities:

  • Grain well struggles with illnesses of a stomach, intestines. A large amount of food fibers in it promote digestion of useful substances almost to the maximum. Besides, there is an exit of toxins and other hazardous substances. The organism is cleaned also from slags.
  • Dietary Yachka, she helps to fight against excessive kilograms. The same properties promote renewal forces after the serious operations concerning digestive tract illnesses.
  • Yachka influences correct sugar in blood therefore it will suit diabetics. Grain normalizes also an endocrine system.
  • This cereal can prevent appearance of allergies, normalize cholesterol.
  • This product makes easier a fortune of those who suffer from arthritis. It is eaten also at violations in work of kidneys, a liver (it has diuretic and antivovospalitelny properties).
  • It is considered that the yachka promotes good mood and even struggles with a depression.
  • Amino acids in a yachka (for example, a lysine) provoke production of collagen. And he worries about that your skin as long as possible remained young: smoothes wrinkles and interferes with their emergence.

Ice cubes, spetsailny gymnastics and yoga for the person will help to smooth wrinkles.

Harm and contraindications

Is at this cereal and a contraindication with which by all means it is worth getting acquainted:

  1. It is not recommended to eat a yachka at heavy exacerbations of stomach diseases, intestines. Here it is better to consult with the doctor.
  2. There is also an individual intolerance of this product. For example, at a tseliakiya (or a gluten enteropatiya) barley grits is it is impossible as because of this disease the organism does not accept the products containing cereals. By the way, at this problem it is also impossible to eat everything that is made of barley, wheat, a rye, oats. Fortunately, this disease — an unusual occurrence.

Important! Even, if contraindications do not concern you, you should not abuse a yachka. Two or three times a week will be enough that its useful properties made the business. Otherwise you risk to gain unnecessary kilograms.

How to cook

To cook this useful grain absolutely simply. It is enough to fill in of it with cold water, to wait when it begins to boil then to cook 20 more minutes.

And now we will tell you how to make porridge. For four portions it is required to you:

  • barley grits — 300 g;
  • water — 600 ml;
  • onions — 1 piece;
  • vegetable and butter;
  • salt — to taste.

Carefully wash out grain. Fill in it with water in the ratio 1:2, put on average fire. If the squash began to puff, it is almost ready. Reduce fire. Add salt. Do not forget to stir from time to time porridge that it did not burn. Meanwhile cut small onions, a little it fry.

When water in a pan with porridge practically boils away, remove capacity from fire, put a piece of butter there. Close a pan, roll up it in a towel and put for about 40 minutes under a cover that the squash was steamed.

Get warm porridge, strew it with the fried onions and give on a table.

It is worth including buckwheat, corn, pearl-barley porridges in the diet.

How to choose

Upon purchase consider the next moments:

  • Date of production. Than older issue date, that high probability that you will come across the spoiled goods. The moth, bugs can lodge in it or to arise bitterness.
  • Condition of kernels. At grain there should not be dark, packed or bound together grains, not integral parts.
  • Purity of a product. In a qualitative yachka there cannot be bugs, pebbles and other garbage.
  • If you take a yachka by weight, smell it. Presence of foreign smells demonstrates that it is not suitable for the use.

It is important! To choose a quality product, attentively study packing of goods. Besides date of production, at it there have to be an existing GOST, periods of storage and structure.


That grain was preserved in good condition as long as possible, follow the basic rules of storage:

  • You keep it in the dark dry place, far away from moisture and unnecessary smells.
  • If the yachka was on sale in a polyethylene bag, pour it into a jar and cover with a cover. But not that in it wreckers can be brought or there will be a bitterness in taste.
  • Preserve grain no more than 15 months. And if in it there are uninvited guests — bugs, the moth and other insects, are better to throw out a yachka.

Whether you know? Scientists found out that in the course of soaking of barley in water antibiotic substance gordetsin is produced. It treats skin fungal formations.

Having studied all advantages of barley grits and being able to do it it is correct to prepare, you will be able to use its positive properties to the maximum. Besides, you will forget not only about body illnesses, but also about sincere, as as you already know, a yachka — fine means from negative emotions and bad mood. The main thing — do not go too far, any product, even the most useful, it is necessary to use moderately.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team