"Useful properties of beef tongue, storage and rules of the choice upon purchase

"Useful properties of beef tongue, storage and rules of the choice upon purchase

Meat offal in hands of the skillful cook turns into the real delicacies which are appreciated by all gourmets of the world.

Many people consider harmful such dishes whether so they are right, we will find out on the example of beef tongue today.

Vitamins, minerals, micro and macrocells

Beef tongue contains the mass of useful substances and vitamins among which:

  • vitamins: And, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B9, B12, C, D, E, K, PP;
  • macrocells: calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium;
  • minerals: copper, iron, zinc, chrome, molybdenum, iodine, sulfur, selenium;
  • nonsaturated fatty acids: lauric, stearin, miristinovy, palmitic, olein;
  • polyunsaturated acids: linolenic, linoleic, Omega-3.

Whether you know? Marbled beef from Japan where grow up Vagiu's cows, is considered the most expensive in the world. Treat animals validly, feed with perfect useful herbs, give to drink beer and do grindings with the help to Saca.

Caloric content

Nutrition value of a product on 100 g:

  • proteins — 16%;
  • fats — 12%;
  • carbohydrates — 2.2%;
  • caloric content — 170 kcal.

Useful properties

Regular consumption of beef tongue helps to reduce sugar level in blood, promotes natural production of insulin, improves a condition of skin, is prevention against dermatological problems.

Green radish, amarantovy flour, chicory, blackberry, thistle, dairy mushroom, brown rice will help to reduce sugar level in blood also.

The product improves work of a digestive tract, is digestible, normalizes exchange processes in an organism.

Whether you know? In Brazilian cuisine there is an interesting dish under the name of a feyzhoad. It is "vinaigrette" from a boiled offal in which not the last place is taken by beef tongue. The history of the recipe is connected with the Portuguese conquerors who threw out to the slaves scraps from "a lordly table", apart from their suitable in food. Slaves cooked from them soup thanks to which they supported forces for works on plantations.

For women

Language is useful to women, first of all, availability of vitamins of beauty — E, A, groups B. These substances support youth and health of skin, a hair, strengthen nails.

For women especially useful consider fermented baked milk, acacia honey, cottage cheese, almonds, flax seeds, dried apricots.

The easy and low-calorie product helps to support weight normal, a hormonal background that is especially important for women at any age.

For men

The beef offal plays an important role also for men. Zinc in its structure is necessary for production of testosterone, normal sexual function, for prevention of prostatitis.

For prevention of prostatitis use oil of grape seeds, a celery, blueberry, mussels, onion.

The regular use saturates a male body with proteins, necessary for the structure of muscle bulk and endurance.

The product is especially useful to the men who are actively playing sports except endurance, it supports heart at loadings and resupplies the energy spent at trainings.

For children

All range of the vitamins and minerals described as a part of a product is necessary to children for the normal growth and development of all systems and bodies:

  • structure of bone and muscular fabrics;
  • improvement of work of a brain (memory, assimilation of a training material, concentration of attention);
  • formation of strong nervous system (resistance to stress);
  • work of digestive system;
  • visual acuity;
  • working capacity and endurance (energy);
  • ability to regeneration of fabrics at possible injuries;
  • production of hormones of growth and sexual at teenagers;
  • condition of skin;
  • processes of blood formation and prevention of anemia.

The product is recommended to children with a weight shortage, anemic, with bad indicators of erythrocytes and hemoglobin in blood, at skin diseases, for strengthening of immunity, after the postponed diseases.

Important! The small should enter into a diet a product since nine months, since puree on a half of a teaspoon. At negative reaction to an offal the feeding up should be stopped, and to show the kid to the pediatrician.

For pregnant women and feeding

It is important to future mothers to eat and use dietary products properly. Beef tongue is well acquired and quickly is digested, besides, it is low-calorie.

It is possible and is useful to use at pregnancy small loafs, olive oil, plum, goat milk, a cauliflower.

Using dishes from it, the woman will be able to fill up a reserve of the useful substances necessary and for her organism, and for normal development of a fruit.

Folic acid, magnesium, calcium, sulfur, thiamine are especially important during this period, at a lack of these elements of development of a fruit pathologies can develop. The feeding mothers are recommended to eat language approximately for the fifth month after the delivery. Reception should be begun with small portions and to watch a condition of the kid whether it has collateral reactions to a product.

The use will help mother to level weight after the delivery, to restore forces and health, a hormonal background, to fill up an organism with calcium and other elements which the child, developing in a womb, scooped from its organism.

To belong with care when feeding the red cabbage, a sea cabbage, watermelon, cherry, durian stands up staunchly to such products as coffee with milk.

Contraindications and harm

The product needs to be used regularly, but it is not frequent and is not excessive. In its structure there is a large amount of fats with which at the excessive use of a liver it will be heavy to cope.

It is especially responsibly necessary to treat it to people of advanced age.

"Fresh choice" and storage

Criteria for selection of a fresh offal:

  • existence of a stamp of public health service about "health" of these goods is obligatory;
  • the fresh, not being exposed to freezing language, will have a violet or saturated pink shade;
  • aroma — to it no unpleasant musty smell should be added;
  • it is possible to be convinced of freshness of meat, having pressed a fingertip pulp: the formed pole on condition of freshness will return to former situation, the remained deepening will say that meat gave in to freezing;
  • ask the seller to make an incision language: if liquid transparent — it fresh is emitted, with blood — it is spoiled, the abundance of the emitted juice speaks about the previous freezing.

If language has gray color, it already semifresh, light pink — it was frozen.

Important councils when cooking

Step-by-step actions for preparation of boiled language:

  1. Wet a product in cold water for half an hour.
  2. Carefully scratch out all slime and possible dirt.
  3. Put a pan with water in which the product will cook after water begins to boil, lower it in a pan.
  4. You cook twenty minutes, removing foam.
  5. After time get language and merge water (with this water excess fats will leave).
  6. Boil fresh water, in boiling again lower a product, add to it the whole carrots and a bulb, it is possible a celery, couple of peas of pepper.
  7. In an hour salt a dish.
  8. After one and a half hours of cooking check its readiness, having pierced a fork: transparent juice speaks about readiness, rather turbid — about the return.
  9. Get ready beef from a pan and lower in cold water for several minutes: it will help to skin without effort.
  10. Ready language can be sliced thin and to decorate with vegetables and greens, or to cut with pieces for salad.

Important! Some culinary specialists advise to husk before cooking, however this measure can change tastes of a dish and make it less juicy.

It is better to store a boiled product in the fridge in the closed capacity that it did not dry up and was not weather-beaten, the second option is to wrap up in a foil and also to put in the fridge.

Period of storage — no more than two days.

Beef tongue is ingredient of many dishes of world kitchen, it was given also on tables of monarchs.

The advantage of the competent use is not subject to doubt, besides, considering its ease and low-caloric content in comparison with other meat products, it is appropriate in a diet of the people wishing to lose weight.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team