Useful properties of cabbage of a kohlrabi

Useful properties of cabbage of a kohlrabi

Cabbage of a kohlrabi or as it is called still, "cabbage turnip" is an unusual vegetable: it стеблеплод has the form of a sphere or turnip, and the taste of a juicy stalk core is similar to taste of cabbage stump of a white cabbage, only without bitterness. The kohlrabi has a set of useful properties.

Useful properties of cabbage of a kohlrabi

The biochemical structure of this vegetable culture is very rich. Here the following elements contain: vitamins of groups C, B, A, P, also mineral salts, micro and macrocells (potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, cobalt, etc.) Besides, as a part of a kohlrabi are present cellulose and vegetable proteins, glucose and fructose and also other valuable elements.

Color of a kohlrabi varies from light green to violet.

Cabbage of a kohlrabi is considered to be a dietary product. In 100 g of a product only 41.7 kcal therefore if it is regular to eat this vegetable, it is possible to become the owner of a slim figure, and without the exhausting hunger strikes and various diets.

Besides, the kohlrabi makes positive impact on nervous system. And still this vegetable is used as a severe cough medicine. Also a kohlrabi – an effective remedy at treatment of asthmatic attacks and tuberculosis. It is possible to refer its ability to reduce cholesterol level in blood to useful properties of "cabbage turnip", so, the kohlrabi can be used for strengthening of vessels and normalization of work of a warm system. Also the use of this vegetable culture is recommended at the increased arterial blood pressure and at an initial stage of atherosclerosis. Unlike any other grade of cabbage of a kohlrabi doesn't provoke a meteorizm therefore little children can consume in food this vegetable culture even (in food the kids of a kohlrabi are given at that age as soon as the feeding up begins). If to fill up the menu with this tasty and useful vegetable, it is possible to forget about problems with gums for a long time. The fact is that the kohlrabi makes the strengthening and anti-inflammatory impact on gums and a mouth. And still fresh juice from this cabbage refreshes breath.

Daily eating 100 g of a kohlrabi, you provide an organism with a daily dose of vitamin C.

As it is correct to accept in kohlrabi food

The most useful to an organism consumption in food of fresh stebleplod and leaves of a kohlrabi is considered. With them, for example, cook salads. But the kohlrabi is eaten also in the boiled, stewed, baked and fried look: even after heat treatment the cabbage keeps the most part of the valuable properties. For preparation of dishes from a kohlrabi recommend to take young plants: "fruit" which diameter doesn't exceed 6 cm is considered ideal.

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