Useful properties of cloudberries

Useful properties of cloudberries

The surprising house doctor is hidden in each berry of cloudberries. Sweet-sour on taste, it has really miracle properties, so necessary sometimes for an organism.

"I will take away you to the tundra …"

In the tundra it is also possible to find the magic assistant in fight against the majority of the diseases concerning decrease in immunity, injury of skin, the haematogenic and cardiovascular systems. Similar to raspberry, yellow-red berries have low caloric content and at the same time quickly bring excess liquid out of an organism that reduces puffiness and further promotes weight loss. Cloudberries are also irreplaceable at treatment of catarrhal diseases, herpes, flu since it increases the organism resilience to various infections, saturate with vitamin C and remove toxic agents.

Vitamin C in cloudberries is about 3 times more, than in orange that is explained by the high content of citric and apple acid.

Very useful property of berry is shown in the healing effect necessary at treatment of cuts and bruises. Increasing blood clotting, cloudberries juice at the same time kills microbes and interferes with infection.

Rich content of potassium causes the effective help of cloudberries at treatment of oncological and heart diseases. And carotene of which it is more, than in carrots rejuvenates.

Infusions from roots and leaves of cloudberries will be very opportunely at indigestion, bleeding (including internal), a metabolic disorder and the cosmetology help.

What inside?

Each berry of cloudberries contains vitamins A, B, C, PP and E that in a complex promotes rejuvenation, treatment and prevention, blossoming of female beauty.

Rinse with infusions of cloudberries hair for giving of density and gloss to them, and wipe with the frozen juice skin for moistening.

The pectins which are contained in berries, salicylic and linoleic acid (as a part of oil of seeds) preserve skin, saving from dryness and protecting from UV-radiation and also give to nails a krepkost. Cellulose, proteins, sugar, the phytoncides filling each berry help at intensive physical activity, calm at stresses and save from insomnia. Antioxidants and fat an omega acid are also the integral component of "the Siberian healer".

What to prepare?

At dietary food kissels and compotes will be appropriate cloudberries were fallen in love to gourmets. Jam and fresh berry are a remarkable dessert. Health giving qualities such means of external application as cloudberries juice, infusions and broths from its leaves and roots have.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team