Useful properties of green apples

Useful properties of green apples

Influence of apples on outlook of mankind is big. Remember at least Eve with Adam, Newton or Jobs. But how apples influence an organism and moral spirit? They do advantage or harm? And whether the British replacing a preventive visit to doctors with couple of apples a day are right?

What is green apples and what they are eaten with

Green apples are most widespread all over the world thanks to their unpretentiousness at cultivation. Grenni Smith and Semerenko it is easy to find popular grades in any supermarket. But what disappears under a brilliant, dense green thin skin? First, an improbable amount of water — about 87% that does apples irreplaceable during a summer heat. Secondly, a complex of vitamins, micro and macrocells which are easily acquired and sate an organism not worse than the balanced breakfast.

Green apples have the same caloric content, as their red fellows, however are much more often used at dietary food. All because contain the cellulose removing toxins and fats. Besides, sugar in green apples is quicker acquired, than in other fruit, and therefore we will quite allow during dumping of excess weight and at diabetes.

Greni Smith apples it is better than others are suitable for preparation of desserts as long don't darken.

The chemical composition of such apples will please everyone to strengthen the immunity. Organic acids, practically all "the alphabet of vitamins" (and in particular vitamin C), beta carotene, calcium, sodium, magnesium, pectin, iron and fluorine — the major "bricks" building protection of health.

For whom are green apples necessary?

First of all green apples save teeth, nails and hair because are saturated with pectin, zinc and fluorine. Besides perfectly cope with skin damages and rejuvenate, giving to an organism vitamins A and S. Prekrasno apples also cope with gastritises, the raised cholesterol and even tumors. And recently it was proved that regular consumption of these fruit reduces the probability of developing of asthma, well influences a respiratory system in general.

Green apples were removed in Australia in 1868.

Green apples are excellent cleaners of blood therefore are recommended for people with low pressure. And fresh apple juice without sugar perfectly sates during diets as each calorie in it gives vigor and advantage. It is only necessary to remember that sunflower seeds in apples may contain hydrocianic acid, and therefore it is better to throw out them. Besides, green apples are capable to thin tooth enamel and to debalance work of digestive tract at the people having ulcer diseases. But moderate consumption of green, fragrant, juicy, fresh, slightly sourish apples is capable to save the person from a set of problems with health.

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