Useful properties, possible harm and contraindications to the use of Chile

Useful properties, possible harm and contraindications to the use of Chile

Among all types of pepper Chile hot pepper — the brightest and juicy is of special value for the person. The abundance of the useful components which are contained in a product does it irreplaceable in the field of cookery, medicine and in the cosmetology sphere.

Chili pepper can brag of contents over 40 various vitamins, including, A, C, E, K, PP, groups B, 20 minerals and minerals which improve functioning of all systems of bodies, favorably affect human health in general.

The basis of a product is formed by magnesium and potassium, phosphorus, sodium, calcium, manganese, iron, selenium, copper and zinc. It is rich with various essential oils, saponins, alkaloids and carotinoids.

Whether you know? By Chile it is brought in ten the products shown for the daily use as it allows to keep and maintain health for many years.

Chile is a low-calorie product, its nutrition value is on 100 g:

  • proteins — 1.9 g;
  • fats — 1.2 g;
  • carbohydrates — 5.5 g;
  • caloric content — on 100 g 26 kcal.

Thanks to various chemical structure, vegetable received broad demand as means which helps to cheer up, enhance activity, to restore forces, to cope with many infectious and viral diseases.

Some of low-calorie products are: spinach, kohlrabi cabbage, milts of salmons, mango, squids, shrimps, grapefruit, celery, etc.

Valuable properties of pepper allow to struggle with many illnesses and also to prevent their emergence. Chile has pronounced anti-inflammatory, antimicrobic, antipainful properties.

The most important element as a part of a product capsaicin which gives it jokes is considered. Getting on mucous language, he strengthens work of pain receptors, transmits signals to a brain which, in turn, reacts by increase in heartbeat, office of sweat and feeling of heat in an organism. Such property of pepper is applied to weight loss, smooth dropping weight. During the use of a product there is an emission of endorphins — the hormones of happiness killing pain and strengthening blood circulation that allows to reduce pain and level of a stress.

Antimicrobial and antibacterial functions of a product give the chance to apply it at treatment of infectious diseases, tonsillitis, SARS, intestinal frustration, intoxication.

Whether you know? It is remarkable that Chile, eaten in small doses, allows to increase appetite while large portions, on the contrary, oppress feeling of hunger and suppress thirst for food.

Regular consumption of vegetable allows to cope with a depression and insomnia, to normalize work of nervous system, to improve mood, to restore forces. Availability of antioxidants leads to lowering of the level of sugar in blood, to strengthening of walls of vessels, improvement of work of a warm system.

Since recent time of Chile it is considered one of products for prevention of developing of malignant tumors. Vegetable is allocated with laxative action, is suitable for fight against a meteorizm. Tincture from Chile perfectly warms joints at sciatica, is suitable for grindings at a SARS, helps at the strengthened hair loss and an alopetion.

The advantage of burning vegetable is obvious to a human body. It is applied to improvement of work of heart, a GIT, strengthening of immunity and nervous system, to combustion of extra kilos.

The product contains huge number of antioxidants which restore work of a cardiovascular system due to strengthening of walls of vessels and increase in their elasticity. Vegetable strengthens blood circulation, prevents formation of blood clots.

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The burning product strengthens exchange processes, promotes metabolism activization, allows to split quickly fats and to bring excess liquid out of an organism. Thanks to it there is a strengthened loss of calories and, as a result, kilograms. At weight loss it is necessary to apply water tincture from Chile or tomato pepper soup. Besides, for weight reduction use special wrappings on the basis of powder. The mix consisting of the powder Chile, oils, ground coffee and sea salt perfectly struggles with cellulitis, increases elasticity and elasticity of integuments, strengthens blood circulation in cages, promotes elimination of puffiness.

People who systematically add pepper to the diet are 90% less subject to risk of a disease of cancer.

Important! The fact of counteraction to cancer was not scientifically proved by burning pepper. Conclusions were drawn on the basis of results of the statistical researches conducted in group of volunteers.

Thanks to availability of special alkaloid of capsaicin, in pepper the inflow of blood to brain cages increases that allows to suppress painful impulses, that to get rid of migraine and frequent headaches. The pharmaceutical companies produce drugs on the basis of this burning vegetable which block a gene-kaltsitoninovy the peptide causing migraine.

Hot pepper is recommended to be included in the menu to the people suffering from violations of a GIT as it allows to normalize work of a system, to strengthen metabolism, to warn intoxication and poisonings. Due to the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, Chile destroys harmful microflora, returns a tone to stomach walls, helps to digest better and more qualitatively heavy, greasy food. Its systematic application is fine prevention of various gastrointestinal diseases.

Whether you know? Burning pepper does not irritate stomach walls, and on the contrary, removes inflammations and struggles with infections.

Chile men have a reliable tool for increase in potency. It is referred to category of natural aphrodisiacs which favorably affect male power, restored and improve functions of genitals. Having added vegetable to a diet, it is possible not to worry concerning bad potency.

Red pepper differs in existence of huge number of the most useful properties which the mankind actively uses for production of cosmetic medicines, and in cookery, traditional medicine.

As nutritional supplement, spice or a basis of a dish of Chile it is used around the world. It approaches as hot spice meat dishes, fish, vegetables. From it cook various sauces, marinades, gas stations for salads, juicy soups. To preparation of a culinary delicacy pepper is applied in pods or in the form of powder. It is important to remember that before the use the product is carefully scraped seeds and cut out white streaks which are the sharpest.

Chile perfectly works together with a turmeric, fennel, cardamom, a curry, bay leaf or garlic. Here pepper performs function of sharpness, and other spices give to dishes improbable aroma.

We advise to read about such spices as: asafoetida, coriander, black caraway seeds, anisetree, carnation, cinnamon, marjoram and fenugreek.

In traditional medicine burning vegetable is applied to treatment of various illnesses. Its soothing and anti-inflammatory functions which help to cope with sciatica, joint pains, neuralgic diseases are long since known. Pepper tincture is rubbed in heels and feet at colds, a SARS, flu.

Hypertensive persons eat Chile for pressure decrease, and the people having liver diseases — for restoration of body. Vegetable allows to strengthen immunity, to fight against pathogenic microorganisms, to cure bronchitis.

Remarkably proved Chile as means against a hair loss and activation of their growth. Tincture from it is mixed with usual shampoo or rubbed in roots. It promotes the strengthened blood circulation, activation of growth of hair and awakening of the sleeping bulbs. Also the product struggles with dryness of head skin and seborrhea.

Pepper tincture is used for fight against cellulitis. Do special wrappings with application of Chile which bring toxins out of cages, smooth skin, make active a metabolism in fabrics, reduce manifestations of an orange crust. By means of a mask from pepper it is possible to strengthen fragile and dry nails, to restore a nail plate, to return it natural color, to save from yellowness.

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Chili pepper can bring the maximum benefit to the person on condition of his dosed use. The main contraindications are the individual intolerance and a number of gastrointestinal diseases.

It is necessary to limit the use of a product to those who often have heartburn. To completely exclude pepper from the diet or it is necessary to use it after consultation with the doctor to people with ulcer colitis, ulcer of stomach and duodenum, gastritis with the increased acidity. The safe dose of the consumption of pepper in day makes no more than one pod. Excessive hobby for ostrenky can provoke development of diseases of digestive system.

Important! During pregnancy, feeding by a breast it is better to refuse inclusion of Chile. It is strictly forbidden to use a product together with the medicines diluting blood.

If after the use of inclusion of Chile in a mouth there are unpleasant discomfortable feelings, then the piece of black bread, cheese or any dairy product will help to extinguish sharpness. It is impossible to wash down with water, it enhances causticity of Chile.

In most cases residents of the European countries use purchased dried (cut or whole) Chile or in the form of powder. Fresh pepper is picked immature that gives the chance significantly to prolong its term of suitability. Vegetable is kept in hover, in the fridge or frozen. It is recommended to store a product in the fridge no more than two weeks, in the freezer — about one year. The scope of red burning pepper is extremely extensive. It is a frequent guest on tables of the different people, allows to get rid and prevent development of various illnesses, solves many cosmetic problems. Therefore regularly indulge yourself ostrenky in moderate, safe doses.

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