Useful tips for cooking No. 1

Useful tips for cooking No. 1

Sink and cleaning of vegetables with greens should be made pretty fast. At the same time the term of impact of oxidizing agents on vitamins is reduced to a minimum and the usefulness of a product remains fully.

When you begin to peel vegetables, it is recommended to remove only the top layers as with increase in waste the percent of loss of the mineral substances and vitamins which are contained in products increases.

When cutting vegetables (for example, at preparation of soups or salads) at first those products which comprise the smallest amount of vitamin C are exposed.

It is necessary to remember that the frozen vegetables (potatoes and carrots) should not be defrozen. At preparation just lower them in the boiling water.

It is not recommended to wash out sauerkraut as at the same time about 70 percent of vitamin C are lost. If cabbage too sour, then it is possible to wash it with cold water. Always it is necessary to squeeze out a brine for preparation of dishes.

Green fruits of walnut and pepper are natural concentrates of vitamin C. Content in fruits of walnut is it to 3000 mg of %, and in pepper – up to 250 mg of %. Fresh sheet vegetables and greens also contain a large amount of this vitamin. For example, a sorrel – up to 500 mg of %.

One of the best products containing vitamin C – dogrose decoction. For its preparation it is necessary to take 20-25 grams of the washed-out fruits, to fill in with a glass of water and to boil in the enameled pan at the closed cover about 10 minutes. A different way – the washed-out fruits to fill in with boiled water and to insist in a thermos. It is the best of all to do it for the night then in the morning infusion will be ready to the use.

One lemon contains 16 mg of % of vitamin C, 180-300 mg of vitamin P and also B1, B2 vitamins and carotene.

Table beet and carrots are natural storerooms of vitamins. They contain B1, B2, C, P, PP, E, K vitamins and carotene. Besides, carrots regulate activity of digestive tract, promote removal of cholesterol from an organism. Beet is useful at a hypertension, diseases of GIT and kidneys.

The peeled vegetables and greens should not stay long in water as at the same time they come out the most part of vitamins B surrounding liquid. Semi-finished products from vegetables and greens are recommended to be subjected thermal treatment in connection with instability of vitamins in them at once.

To keep vitamins and mineral substances in vegetables, meat products and fish, it is necessary to wash out them in an uncut look as the bigger amount of useful substances is washed away with water.

If you the fan of sauerkraut, then do not forget the main rule – to take out a product from a brine only before the use as the amount of the lost vitamin C is minimized.

In the frozen products vitamin C remains much better, but it is worth remembering that when thawing its most part is lost. Use the defrozen products at once.

In the presence of tap, well and arychny water for preparation of dishes to use only water as in the others there are substances destroying vitamin C. Fresh vegetables, fruit and greens it is necessary to give on a table in the natural form.

The prepared crude green vegetables containing a lot of vitamin C at once after cutting should be sprinkled slightly vinegar or wine acid.

You should not forget that to cut vegetables, fruit and greens follows only a knife from stainless steel and on wooden boards. Do not use identical knives for cutting of vegetables and meat products.

Vegetable salads, vinaigrettes and other vegetable snack it is necessary to prepare only before giving them on a table. At storage, especially in open ware, a large amount of vitamins collapse.

For cookery of vegetable dishes it is the best of all to use ware from stainless steel and enameled as vitamins, and especially vitamin C, in the presence of ions of copper and iron quickly collapses.

During the cooking and suppression of products it is impossible to open often a cover and to mix contents as at the same time there is a speeded-up destruction of vitamins.

Never it is impossible to allow digestion of products as at the same time transition of vitamins and nutrients to broth increases. The last product needs to be used for preparation of soups and sauces.

Vegetables should be put only in the boiling liquid as at the same time loss of vitamin C is twice less, than at their cooking with immersion in cold water.

Products should be cooked at the closed cover. At the same time water has to cover them completely. It is also impossible to allow and rough boiling as at the same time there is a vitamin C loss.

The sorrel, spinach and other vegetables always should be steamed as at the same time losses of vitamins and nutrients decrease by 3-4 times.

The main rule of cooking – it is necessary to immerse in the boiling liquid first of all those vegetables which cook longer.

It is the best of all to steam vegetables for preparation of vinaigrettes and salads previously cut. At the same time losses of vitamins are insignificant and the secondary microbic obsemeneniye of finished goods is excluded.

When cooking for maintaining natural color of products it is impossible to add baking soda as vitamins C and B1 in the alkaline environment quickly are exposed to destruction.

In the course of cooking of products it is impossible to add cold water because the oxygen which is contained in cold water quickly destroys vitamins, especially vitamin C.

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