Uterine milk: than it is useful from what helps and that treats how to accept

Uterine milk: than it is useful from what helps and that treats how to accept

The uterine milk is known the properties in the sphere of beauty and health long ago — analogs such biological stimulator in the nature do not exist.

Let's understand what is it and for what this means is good.

What is the uterine milk

It is mix which is emitted by bees for the posterity and the queen. It is saturated all substances and elements, useful to the growing organism. The balanced food for bees by right is called a miracle elixir.

Whether you know? The bee family totals 50 thousand individuals.

This liquid is called a milk only because of appearance — white, a little ropish slush. It is stored in a matochnik of a beehive where bees lay the eggs. The larva grows up exactly thanks to this forage. Practically for couple of days, eating this weight, the larva grows almost twice.

Make a milk from special glands — they are called allotrofichesky. Thanks to such food the life expectancy of a uterus by 30 times exceeds life of an ordinary bee.

We advise to read about useful properties and application in traditional medicine of bee products: honey, propolis, bee subpestilence, bee sting.

Chemical composition

The structure of a milk can compete with artificial pharmakologichny substances for improvement of the state of health. The nature took care that it had in itself the most important elements. However scientists cannot still find out full structure.

It is known that 60% are water, another 20% occupy proteins, there are also carbohydrates. At this stage the structure is similar to breast milk. Further there is a huge separation as in a uterine elixir there are hormones, lipids, sterols, fatty acids. There are also fats and mineral salts.

Important! Bee families produce nutritious mixes, different in the chemical composition — it depends on requirements of a beehive, the habitat, external factors.

Mix and vitamins is rich, the special place is allocated to group B, there is also A, E, D, C and many others. The milk the fact that in it there is a gramicidin is unique. This substance protects an organism from diseases and inflammatory processes, has the rejuvenating effect, restores cages and body tissues.

Than the uterine milk is useful

Application of a uterine elixir helps to increase resistance of an organism to diseases. It is not absolutely correct to claim that it increases immunity as it is created and it is possible to influence it only continuous hardening and maintenance of an organism in a tone. However the milk allows to enhance ability of an organism to resist to viruses. Therefore it is simpler to person to struggle with a disease. The health in general improves.

Substance positively influences all bodies and processes in a human body — helps work of heart, digestive tract, promotes restoration of fabrics, well influences the central nervous system, glucose is acquired better and the brain receives enough oxygen. It starts all glands in work.

Learn what vitamins are necessary to an organism for functioning of immune, cardiovascular systems, work of a brain and memory.

Content of detsenovy acids promotes neutralization of free radicals therefore it is used at oncological diseases. Also it well disinfects affected areas — constrains a fungus and an infection.

For men

The uterine milk helps at treatment of impotence and infertility. It often is a part of the corresponding drugs.

Positive impact of a milk affects fertility:

  • helps at small mobility of spermatozoa;
  • increases production of testosterone that, in turn, improves a spermatogenesis — also the quality of material improves;
  • increases the number of seed tubules that leads to development of healthy spermatozoa.

Health of the man directly depends on receipt in its organism of vitamins and minerals, especially if the man plans to become a father.

For women

Curative milk positively influences conception and the course of pregnancy. Also it will help to prevent extensions and to make skin of more elastic that will help to avoid strong changes during childbirth.

If you are disturbed by toxicosis — ask for the help a milk. For this purpose it is mixed with a glass of water. One portion requires not enough curative elixir, mixed with honey.

Well affects the feeding women, it helps to improve a lactation and to increase inflow of breast milk.

Learn more about necessary vitamins for pregnant women (in particular, vitamin E) and the feeding mothers.

For children

It is used for treatment of a hypotrophy at children aged from 2 months. Before it even registered since 18 days from the family of the child. It helps to get stronger to premature and sick children. It is especially good to use after difficult diseases — restoration takes place quicker. From additive the appetite improves, and weight is gained much quicker.

It is important to calculate a dosage. If about 60 mg of a milk are the share of the adult in day, then this number needs to be increased by the weight of the kid and to divide into 70. However surely consult with the pediatrician not to do much harm to the child.

Important! In any kind bee milk needs to be parted, at least, with water.

In what form is on sale

Royal jelly as still call a milk, can be on sale as a part of honey, in capsules, granules and a dry look.

Irrespective of in what look the milk is accepted, after a three-week course it is necessary to take a break not less than a week.

In granules substance in the adsorbed look. Previously it was preserved, such weight has yellowish color, with a light smell of honey, and on taste can be a little burning. In pure form is not accepted.

From what helps and as it is correct to accept

The bee elixir can be used in addition to drugs almost anyway. You should not treat all the diseases this means only one — for this purpose there are doctors and the checked drugs.

Whether you know? 40 g of nectar can be collected from 200 flowers of sunflower.

It is possible to apply in such cases:

  • at ORZ (we accept the milk mixed with honey on 1 tablespoon few times in day, and so several weeks);
  • for prevention of flu (mix of honey and a milk once a day on 1 teaspoon);
  • for healing of wounds (it is possible to treat ulcers and burns, for this purpose it is necessary to dissolve honey mix with royal jelly in purified water in an equal proportion and to do lotions until the wound drags on);
  • at diseases of a throat and nasopharynx (solution with honey in a proportion 1: 1 it is possible to rinse a throat every time after a meal);
  • at dental problems (in a tablespoon we dilute a milk with alcohol and we mix with a water dessertspoon — hold mix in a mouth or we do lotions to a painful tooth);
  • for treatment of fungal diseases (do lotions a water ratio to bee liquid 2: 1);
  • at treatment of other frivolous diseases which do not demand reception of antibiotics. For their prevention it is possible to eat on a honey teaspoon with royal jelly in the mornings.

How to store a bee milk in house conditions

It can be in a fresh state and in adsorbed (the powder received by way of drying). The last option is used in pharmacology. But the adsorbed way has the minuses — some properties at the same time are lost.

Important! From stay under sunshine and in the open air liquid loses the salutary properties.

In any sold kind remedy needs to be protected from sunshine, it is better to store in the closed dark room at the room temperature. Usually producers specify how many their product can be stored.

As it is possible to use for the cosmetology purposes

The bee milk often is a part of many means of beauty as it does skin elastic, soft, gentle. It is possible to use it and in house conditions for preparation of the cosmetics. You should not forget and about intake of substance inside — beauty depends on health.

For hair

It is possible to strengthen and make hair alive and without expensive means. There will be enough also bee magic. It is possible to add it to such masks:

  • with crude egg — to apply on moist hair, in 15 minutes to wash away cool water (that egg did not cook);
  • with coconut or burdock oil — to put on all length, to wrap up in a warm towel and to resemble several hours then to wash away with shampoo.

Useful tips for beauty and strengthening of hair: how to apply vitamins (vitamin A, vitamin E, biotin).

For the person

It is the best of all to add a milk to masks as in a complex with other beauty-means it will be even more effective. Any your darling vitamin, oat or fruit masks will become even more useful from this component.

It is also possible just to add 30–40 ml of bee means to daily leaving cream, and you will already shortly see effect. Proteins of this means get under skin, feed it and do elastic.

For body skin

For a body it is possible to make a srub of a milk, coffee, honey, sea salt of a coarse grinding, olive oil and to add favourite essential oil. Let the received mix will infuse day in the fridge then pound it a body as a usual srub. After it it is not even necessary to use lotion (to which, by the way, too it is possible to add 50 ml of a milk).

Study recipes of house srubs for lips.

Contraindications and side effects

Whatever magic this elixir was, but it is necessary to use it moderately as it can cause allergic reaction too. Therefore be convinced that at you problems with skin will not begin (apply a milk on a wrist, in 10 minutes look at result if there is no inflammation — it is possible to use). Also the milk cannot be accepted at:

  • beekeeping food intolerance;
  • infectious diseases with fever;
  • Addison's diseases (problems with adrenal glands);
  • arterial hypertension;
  • the increased blood clotting;
  • right after a heart attack or a stroke.

Such side effects from overdose were observed by means: skin reactions, insomnia, lock and diarrhea. It is impossible to exceed norm of the use at all are 15 g on 1 kg of weight. The maximum dose in day — 500 mg in the liquid state, but even it is considered quantity over norm.

Whether you know? The weight of an average bee — 1 grams.

If to use a bee milk intelligently, then the organism will only thank for it. Whether it be beauty-additive or means for intake — the state of health considerably will improve. Before giving to children, it is necessary to consult with the doctor.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team