Vegetable juices: advantage maximum

Vegetable juices: advantage maximum

Fresh juices saturate a human body with vitamins and minerals. Most of people got used to drink berry and fruit juices. But vegetable aren't less useful. Them many diseases treat, drink them with the preventive purpose, on their basis spend fasting days.

Impact of fresh vegetable juices on an organism

Fresh vegetables has to be present at a diet since they contain enzymes and helps an organism to acquire proteins and fats. In comparison with vegetables, fresh vegetable juices have advantage that they are quicker acquired. Herbicides also don't get to them, they remain in cellulose. Therefore the juice which is wrung out from vegetable which grew on the earth rich with herbicides won't do harm to your organism.

Vegetable juices make salutary impact on all human organs. They I stimulate work of salivary glands, thereby increasing appetite. Improve work of a stomach and pancreas, regulate processes of bile production and a zhelchevydeleniye, normalize work of intestines, promote maintaining biochemical balance in an organism. Vegetable juices are capable to remove slags. They clean a liver, strengthen walls of vessels, I increase immunity.

The juice which is squeezed out of vegetables of green color contains a chlorophyll which on structure coincides with hemoglobin and is well acquired by a human body. The chlorophyll is also good means from a detoxication, promotes weight reduction. Besides vitamins B structure of vegetable juices there are natural antibiotics and hormones which are capable to slow down aging processes. That is why at the regular use of fresh vegetable juices the condition of skin, nails, hair improves.

What vegetable juice the most useful?

Juice can be wrung out practically from any vegetable. Juice from carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkin, beet, a celery turns out tasty. Carrot juice is very useful to children and also those who has problems with skin and sight. Pumpkin juice will help the people having diseases of heart, stomach, kidneys. This juice is prevention of oncological diseases. Tomato juice strengthens a cardiovascular system, stimulates work of digestive tract. It is very useful to pregnant women and the feeding women. Juice from fresh tomatoes contains acid therefore it can't be used at the time of exacerbation of stomach ulcer, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, gastritis. Juice from beet treats hemorrhoids, locks, fixes problems with a liver, kidneys. This juice improves composition of blood and removes salts of heavy metals. Juice from fresh cucumbers is known for the diuretic action. He well removes puffiness and is shown to the people having a hypertension, rheumatism and heart troubles. Juice from a celery can be considered a source of sexual force. Besides, it is useful to those at whom the metabolism is broken. Less tasty, but very useful juice it is possible to receive from radish, potatoes and cabbage. Juice from radish dilutes blood and helps to cope with varicosity and thrombophlebitis. It saves from cough and antritis. Those who wants to lose weight will be helped by cabbage juice. It also helps at locks and chronic gastritis. But warm need to drink it. Potato juice is very specific, and can take a sip of it not everyone. But it very well helps to cope with digestive problems and is useful to nervous system. At preparation of juice from vegetables it is possible to be guided by exclusively personal flavoring preferences. It is possible to create the cocktail which will be tasty and useful to you. The main thing not forget that fresh juice doesn't lose the useful properties if no more than 30 minutes are stored. An exception is beet juice which has to settle 2-3 hours in order that it came out harmful compounds. Begin to drink fresh juices it is necessary from small quantity, gradually increasing. But you remember that all useful well moderately. The daily dose of any vegetable juice shouldn't exceed 500 ml.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team