Vegetable salads with olive oil

Vegetable salads with olive oil

The vitamin vegetables salads containing minerals and useful substances help to keep a figure in an ideal form and to support an organism in a tone. Use in vegetable salads the useful olive oil which is helping to control cholesterol level in blood, reducing feeling of hunger and well influencing digestion.

Light vegetable salad with olive oil

For preparation of 4 portions it is required to you:

- carrots — 2 pieces; - tomatoes — 2 pieces;

- cucumbers — 2 pieces; - The 100th cabbage; - 3 tablespoons of olive oil; - salt, pepper (to taste). Wash carrots, clean and chop straws. Wash cucumbers and tomatoes, clean and cut with small segments. Chop a white cabbage straws, then salt and you remember hands a little. Instead of cabbage it is possible to use lettuce leaves.

Connect all ingredients of salad in a salad bowl, salt and pepper to your taste, mix and fill in with olive oil. Salad can be decorated with greens branches, for example, parsley or fennel, and then to give to a table. Energy value of 100 g of such salad about 82 kcal.

Greek olive oil salad

Very often olive oil is associated at us with solar Greece that isn't casual, Greeks estimated and brought useful properties and taste of olive oil in cookery. This vegetable salad turns out light, but at the same time nourishing because of the content of Feta cheese. It is required to you: - sweet paprika — 2 pieces; - tomatoes — 2 pieces; - cucumbers — 3 pieces; - onions — 1 piece; - lettuce leaves — 6 pieces; - 100 olives; - 400 g of Feta cheese; - parsley; - salt (to taste). Wash a paprika, scrape seeds, a core and a tail, then cut large into cubes. Wash tomatoes, pour boiled water that it was possible to remove easily a skin, also cut large into cubes. Prepare greens: small chop parsley, chop onions, cut lettuce leaves with small stripes. Feta cheese needs to be cut on small small squares. Now it is possible to connect all ingredients in a salad bowl, salt to taste and to fill with olive oil. The Greek olive oil salad is completely ready.

Vegetable salad with olive oil and shrimps

The vegetable salad in combination with seafood will present you feeling of satiety. Shrimps contain a large amount of protein, a minimum of fats and carbohydrates. It is required to you: - 700 g of royal shrimps; - lettuce leaves; - 100 g of arugula; - 200 g of cherry tomatoes; - 1 tablespoons of lemon juice; - 2 tablespoons of olive oil; - salt (to taste). Royal shrimps clean, wash out and boil in the boiling water about 8-10 minutes, then they will turn out gentle and juicy. Also shrimps it is possible to fry on vegetable oil no more than 4-5 minutes, and they will become crunchy. Don't forget to stir slowly constantly shrimps. Don't fry shrimps more at all, than 5 minutes, otherwise they can turn out overroasted and rigid. Cut lettuce leaves with small stripes, you remember hands, mix with small chopped arugula. Wash cherry tomatoes and cut everyone in half. In order that salad turned out beautiful, use red and yellow tomatoes. Mix all components of salad, add a little lemon juice, salt and fill with olive oil. Enjoy your meal!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team