Violet smoothie for protection of an organism

Violet smoothie for protection of an organism

Violet coloring of fruit and vegetables says that they contain a large number of flavonid. They protect plants from damages, making the same impact on a human body. The best products capable to block various inflammations: blackberry, fig, bilberry, black grapes, currant, prunes, eggplants, raisin. They can be included in a diet in any kind, for example, to do of them beautiful and incredibly useful to smoothie.

Any smoothie assume crushing of products in the blender that the most homogeneous mass turned out. In a case with not really juicy vegetables and fruit, it is possible to add a little water.

Smoothie from beet, ginger and parsley

It is possible not only to add beet to salads or to cook with it borsch. This vegetable is ideal for preparation of smoothie. As beet very firm, is recommended to boil and cool it previously. Ginger will give to drink juicy notes, and the branch of parsley will fill smoothie with freshness. Smoothie can drink from beet at any time as he contains not really many calories.

Smoothie from beet, black grapes and grapefruit

It is considered that dark grapes are more useful than some grapes of other flowers as in it there is more flavonid of the quercetin interfering formation of blood coagulums. If to add it to a diet, it is possible to protect itself from the heart attack caused by obstruction of vessels. Besides, dark grapes protect from psychological overfatigue and emotional exhaustion, in addition it saves from fatigue. For preparation of smoothie it is necessary to mix ingredients to taste, and to drink drink better in the first half of day as it enough калориен.

Smoothie from blueberry, blackberry and strawberry

Blackberry strengthens an organism, saturating it with vitamins. Blueberry protects from radioactive radiation, normalizes work of heart, strengthens walls of blood vessels, maintains health of a pancreas and intestines. The delicate flavor to drink will be added by fragrant strawberry, having increased greatly useful impact of smoothie on an organism.

Smoothie from bilberry, banana and mint

Bilberry cares for health of eyes that is very important in our century when we carry out the most part of day at screens of computers and various devices. Banana does to smoothie nourishing, and mint fills it with freshness – ideal drink for a breakfast turns out.

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