Vitamins for the winter

Vitamins for the winter

In the summer the season of berries begins. We pick them and we eat in the raw, we cook from them jam, we do compote, fruit drink, jam and also we freeze. Often all face such problem as the shortage of the place in the freezer. Therefore everything I recommend to use one checked method of storage of berries.


1. Berries, previously washout, having dried and having removed stones, to pass via the meat grinder. It is possible to add several spoons of sugar, but it is possible to make it and after a defrosting.

2. Fill a plastic bottle with fresh berries, twirl a cover and put in the fridge.

3. When you need berry for tea, kissel or compote, get a bottle, cut off its part (so much how many it is necessary for you for single use), lay out contents. The rest lie down back in the freezer, having closed a section food wrap.

4. For packing it is possible to use squared plastic bottles. They keep within the freezer more convenient and more compactly. It is possible just to fill up berries with sugar, to leave until they give juice, and then together with syrup to spread out in bottles and to send to the freezer. Use this idle time and an original method of storage and eat all winter fresh and useful berries.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team