Water-melon diet: all pros and cons

Water-melon diet: all pros and cons

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Water-melon diet — one of the most tasty and effective in house conditions. Juicy fruits will help to improve your figure and to dump up to 10 kilograms of excess weight of all for few weeks.

Let's consider pluses and minuses of such diet and also the menu for several days.

What is represented by a water-melon diet and as it works

The efficiency of such dietetics is reached because fruit has low caloric content (only 25 kcal on 100 g) and also strong diuretic properties. The most part of weight which leaves an organism during a water-melon diet are slags, toxins and excess liquid.

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Pluses and minuses

In this program of weight loss there is a set of pluses:

This diet practically has no shortcomings (except for campaigns in a toilet because of frequent urination). And here as for contraindications, water-melon dietetics does not suit those who have an allergy and also that who suffers from diseases of kidneys.

Whether you know? Not all know that the peel of ripe watermelons is completely edible. Besides, it is also useful. Having eaten it, you receive a considerable dose of zinc and potassium.

How many it is possible to dump

According to the people keeping to a water-melon diet they could dump up to 10 kg of weight in 2 weeks.

That it is possible and that it is impossible

During the program of weight loss you can eat only watermelons. It is desirable to exclude other products from the menu.

The resolved products

During a water-melon diet it is recommended to eat only watermelons and to drink clear water. However the use of a small amount of fruit and vegetables is allowed. Nevertheless you remember that watermelons have to remain a basis of your diet.

Important! Throughout the program surely listen to the feelings: if you have a nausea, dizziness or weakness, refuse this diet and see a doctor.

In whole or in part the forbidden products

During a water-melon diet it is necessary to remember what products are partially forbidden at it what — are strictly forbidden to be used.

Partially forbidden


The vegetables and fruit which are not containing a large amount of carbohydrates, porridges, bran, nuts, cereals.

Bakery products, sweets, dairy products, fat and fried products, meat, fish, high-calorie fruit and vegetables (grapes, bananas, potatoes).

If you want to lose as much as possible weight, then the diyetprogramm can prolong and to enter fasting days — at this time you can eat products from the list of partially forbidden. It is recommended to do unloading every 4-5 days the program of weight loss.

The best way out from a water-melon diet

The best way out from water-melon dietetics lasts, on average, 10 days. At this time you can not adhere to such strict abstention, however it is necessary to set results of a diet for bigger efficiency.

For breakfast and a lunch it is allowed to eat fast meat or fish, a small piece of cheese. The porridges cooked on water, vegetable salad are good (without addition of vegetable oil). For dinner — watermelon, at the rate of 1 kg of pulp on 30 kg of weight.

Important! You should not do active sports (run, trainings in the hall) in time and during an exit from a diet as it can do much harm to your health.

Example of the menu

Every day the dietary program you will need to eat from several skibok to several kilograms of ripe fruit. We offer you the optimal variants of the menu calculated for 1, 3, 5, 7, 10 and 14 days.

For 1 day


200 g of porridge, banana


250 g of cottage cheese


3–4 skibk

For 3 days


The first day

The second day

The third day


4–5 skibok

Half of small watermelon

150 g of cottage cheese, 2–3 skibk


Whole small watermelon

Whole small watermelon

Whole small fruit


Half of small watermelon

Half of small watermelon

5–6 skibok, 200 g of porridge without sugar

For 5 days

Means itself eating in day to 7 kg of watermelons and the ban on any other products (if you adhere to a strict diet). Is it is possible at any time.

Whether you know? During New year in Vietnam on a holiday table always there has to be a watermelon. Vietnamese consider that red color of its pulp symbolizes good luck. And sunflower seeds from it use as snack.

For a week


The first three days

Fasting day

Last three days


4–5 skibok

Buckwheat or rice porridge, 100 g of boiled chicken with vegetables

5–6 skibok


Whole small fruit

Mixed vegetables, 200 g of boiled chicken breast

Half of a small fruit


Half of an average fruit

4–5 skibok watermelon, 2 pieces of rye bread

7–8 skibok

For 10 days

Repeats the menu for 5 days with addition of fasting day in the middle. Thus, it turns out: 5 days — a water-melon diet, 1 day — unloading, 5 more days — food only watermelons.

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For 14 days

The menu for a week which repeats twice is taken as a basis. Thus, the program lasts 14 days.

Water-melon diet — a great way quickly and tasty to lose weight for a short period without harm to the organism. Main thing: listen to the feelings and do not forget about contraindications.

Water-melon diet: video


I will tell for myself, itself I have chronic pyelonephritis. and the doctor advised to sit on watermelons of times a year! Therefore at the end of August - September I spend week on watermelons! Not hungrily, tasty, the main thing that the toilet was in a visibility range)))) the Plumb happens different from 3 to 5 kg! But that to keep it a week exit from a diet when for breakfast and a lunch is is necessary an obligatory minimum it is possible usual food, well without excesses, and to replace a dinner with watermelon - approximately a piece in 2. 2.5 kg.



I have a negative experience. I after the first day threw this diet as I very much swelled, and, the fact that excess liquid, and in general any did not come out. I was frightened and gave up this occupation. Of course, all this is individual. But I was already convinced that radical diets can yield only instant result, and in a week to return weight



I keep every summer to this diet, very well helps and not napryazhno at all. You eat to yourself and grow thin. Only drives in a toilet, but it is good for kidneys too. My uncle even a stone expelled by means of watermelon. To me personally water-melon diet helped to lose weight by 5 kg.



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