Water with honey on an empty stomach: advantage or harm?

Water with honey on an empty stomach: advantage or harm?

There is nothing more simply and more tasty than traditional Slavic drink which part ordinary spring water and the fragrant bee honey which is recently picked from the apiary is. Such drink forever was fixed in our culture, traditions and national legends, by honey drink, on a legend, many diseases treated, and some bylinas tell about miraculousness of such medicine which did of the ordinary person of the real athlete radiating with health and force.

And in this article we will reveal all secrets which are connected with honey water, rules of its preparation and application; we learn in what its legendary advantage and what influence it can have on children, pregnant women and the feeding women and just on adults. Let's understand.

Usual water and bee honey: we study structure

It is no secret that Slavs for the first time thought up and entered into a daily diet such simple, but such useful and remarkable drink as honey water. And if in those days, and it is about the period of Kievan Rus', couldn't conduct researches and examinations, then in the modern world such drink repeatedly was exposed to comprehensive analyses.

And to results of each of them there was an unambiguous verdict that this medicine has miracle properties for a human body.

Whether you know? It turns out that honey water on the structure and consistence is a natural analog of plasma of blood in a human body, as does it by so irreplaceable and special drink having really curative properties.

Thanks to such interesting feature, honey water is remarkably acquired in a human body and promotes adjustment and stabilization of all processes of activity and work as each of internal systems. Enter a basis of such miracle drink:

  • molecular organic and inorganic compounds, including salts;
  • organic acids;
  • lipids;
  • carbohydrates;
  • intermediate products of exchange;
  • organic bases;
  • vitamins;
  • mineral components;
  • protein.

Thanks to such structure, honey water became most that is the real elixir feeding our organism. And in the following section we will understand details of mysterious life-giving force of this drink.

The action mechanism, or in what advantage of honey water

Having seen, so impressive list of useful components as a part of honey water, you are convinced that this drink brings indisputable and invaluable benefit for our organism. All secret in drinking such water early in the morning, before meal.

Not casually advise us to drink in the morning at least plain water on an empty stomach. Each liquid drunk on an empty stomach starts metabolic processes, awakens an organism from a dream, makes cleaning and regeneration of cell and bodies. In a word, even plain water can help and support our organism in many respects in the morning. And if honey which will make this drink almost identical on structure and consistence with blood plasma also is added to such water, the advantage will be stunning. Its influence will be directed on:

  • preparation of digestive tract for work;
  • cleaning of an organism of slags and toxins;
  • rendering light laxative effect;
  • resumption of balance of liquid in an organism;
  • disposal of excess weight;
  • acceleration of a metabolism.

If to speak about any diseases, whether it be a temporary or chronic illness, then the honey medicine will become the excellent assistant in the solution of such problems, of course, in case it is competent and correct to use it.

We advise you to esteem about properties and application: white, pumpkin, mountain, forest, donnikovy, akatsiyevy, meadow, flower, buckwheat, dyagilevy, sunflower, white and chestnut honey.

At such pleasant and useful therapy you will be able to cure the whole list of diseases and illnesses to which it is possible to carry:

  • headache;
  • tachycardia;
  • epilepsy;
  • the increased cholesterol level;
  • bronchitis, asthma, tuberculosis;
  • meningitis;
  • diseases of kidneys;
  • problems with urinary tract;
  • gastritis, diarrhea, lock;
  • hemorrhoids;
  • diabetes;
  • problems with sight;
  • obesity;
  • violation of a menstrual cycle.

And it is yet not the most complete list.

  • For digestion and a GIT. The honey elixir is an excellent stimulator of activity of a stomach and intestines and also promotes the fastest clarification of digestive tract from toxins and undesirable components, including fecal stones which are formed in intestines. The positive impact on a liver and also on overall balance and operability of a digestive complex, restoration of microflora and elimination such diseases as dysbacteriosis is still noted.

Also to drinks which improve digestion and stimulate work of a GIT, carry ginger tea and tomato juice.

  • For kidneys and a bladder. In view of the hygroscopicity honey promotes improvement of work of kidneys and adrenal glands, returning them balance and full functionality. Thus, kidneys promote the maximum conclusion from an organism of excess liquid during the light day, and at night both kidneys, and a bladder are in a quiet state.

Whether you know? The interesting fact is that all parasitizing bacteria do not transfer yellow color, and therefore honey water of a beautiful amber shade will become for them the real converter.

  • Antibacterial properties. Accepting such elixir in a complex, you will secure yourself against emergence and development of many undesirable diseases.
  • For nervous system. Also positive influence of honey drink on nervous system of the person is noted. Thanks to the composition and existence in it of huge amount of vitamins, minerals and useful minerals, this medicine promotes relief of stress and tension and also unloading of nervous system and the cumulative calming effect.
  • At a headache. Thanks to smooth impact on nerves and nervous system this elixir well influences also headaches, minimizing their negative manifestations and promoting the general relaxation.
  • For heart and vessels. Honey brings the correct cholesterol to an organism thanks to what blood is sated with useful minerals and, as a result, load of a cardiac muscle and the system of vessels decreases.

The complex of B1, B6, B12 vitamins is recommended to be accepted for treatment of diseases of a cardiovascular system.

  • At respiratory diseases. Honey promotes fluidifying and improvement of outflow of slime from lungs, reduces pain in a throat and accelerates processes of healing of the inflamed fabrics. Thus, this elixir will become excellent means for treatment of both temporary, and chronic bronchitis, asthma, cold and other diseases of a respiratory complex.
  • For the general health. Such sweet drink is capable to present cheerfulness and to sate an organism with energy since the morning, having reduced stress and stress. Besides, it promotes clarification of an organism and possesses antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-toxic, anti-helminthic and antimicrobic influence, in honey water developments of a number of harmful bacteria slow down. Also honey elixir is capable to purge even at the cellular level, promoting regeneration and restoration of all organism in general. Some experts in bio-energetics note positive influence of honey on a power cover of the person.

Except all above-mentioned, honey water can perfectly be used also in the cosmetic purposes. For example if every day to carry out the rinsing procedures for hair with application of honey drink, then several days later you will be able already to become witnesses of tremendous changes in appearance of your indumentum.

You will not just forget about what is dandruff, a hair loss or the splitting ends. You will see the real revival of hair, they strength will be gained and will become elastic, but at the same time silky and appeasable. And the natural gloss emphasized with a certain amber and honey luminescence will not leave you indifferent.

In addition, honey water will become excellent means for washings and ablution, its structure and nutritious properties will help to restore natural beauty and elasticity of your skin, having smoothed it and having restored former qualities.

Therefore scope of application and a variety of positive effects at honey water really has no borders.

Whether it is possible to use honey water on an empty stomach

The question will serve as the answer to it quite banal, but at the same time a phrase irreplaceable in this situation: both it is possible, and it is necessary. During numerous researches by scientists it was proved that exactly accepting honey water on an empty stomach in the morning, it is possible to achieve the maximum result and really stunning effect.

Important! Accepting honey water early in the morning you not only receive a charge of cheerfulness and vigor for the whole day, but also you will increase usefulness of this drink for the organism three times as on an empty stomach our organism absorbs up to 100% of useful substances.

On an empty stomach it is possible to carry to the basic rules of intake of honey drink:

  • it is necessary to drink in 25-30 minutes prior to food;
  • to accept not constantly, and a course (within a month every day, and after to take a small break for one or two weeks);
  • if your organism well reacts, then it is possible to pass to a constant basis, that is to drink every day without breaks.

And now let's understand whether children can accept such water, to pregnant women and the feeding women.

To children

To children, as we know, separate approach as their organism still weak and weak is necessary. And it means that to enter new products including honey, in a diet it is necessary for the child gradually not to cause shock in an organism and, as a result, allergic reaction.

Important! To children, especially it containing it is worth giving honey and products to those to whom it was not executed two years yet in very dosed and limited quantities.

After passing of the period of adaptation and execution of 3 years your kid can give such water on a medotika of course therapy: month to a pieta, two weeks you have a rest. Anyway honey and honey water will make only positive impacts for an organism of the kid and it is possible to give them, but everything has to be moderately and become accurately and attentively.

To pregnant women

And here with pregnant women not everything is so unambiguous, it is no secret, that honey is capable to cause an allergy. In the period of increased load, namely in such state both mother, and future child stay during pregnancy, it is possible to take honey only in coordination with the doctor.

And though it is difficult to believe that honey and honey water are capable to affect negatively health of the pregnant woman and her kid, but also such cases can also take place. In more detail we will talk about contraindications a bit later.

And to feeding

The nursing women cannot also neglect the health. It seems that the structure of honey drink so rich with useful substances can be just accepted by an organism. But, as well as in a case with pregnant women, it is worth consulting with the doctor, honey can become the reason of emergence and development of allergic reactions, and mother can not know why the kid is sprinkled with red heat-spots.

We advise you are necessary to learn what vitamin complexes to future and feeding mothers.

Rules of preparation of water with honey

Classical recipe for water with honey the combination of a glass clean (key, bottled) water and a teaspoon of honey is considered. Having carefully mixed this mix, drink off it, better.

Let's understand in what features the choice of honey differs and what requirements have to be imposed to water for preparation of a vivifying elixir.

Choice of honey

If you buy in shops, then surely choose not pasteurized honey, otherwise your product will not have useful properties, but also, can even do harm. On consistence or time of collecting restrictions is not present. The honey picked in May, in the summer and late autumn will approach. It can be liquid, dense and even creamy, but not begun to ferment at all or candied.

Important! Honey has to be high-quality, and it is better to buy it from the checked producers.

Requirements to water

Water surely has to never be unboiled and boiled. As unboiled water any drinking water which can be bought in large bottles and bottles will approach or just to filter that that flows from under the crane.

What it is possible to dilute honey water with: recipes

Of course, everything is not limited to the classical recipe. It is possible to add the mass of the auxiliary components affecting taste and aroma of drink to such elixir. Let's consider the main variations of additives to honey water.

  • Cinnamon. In addition to classical structure (200-250ml waters with addition of a teaspoon of honey) the teaspoon of fragrant cinnamon is connected.
  • Lemon. 2 tablespoons of the concentrated lemon juice or 2 segments of this citrus will impact to classical drink original sweet-sour relish.
  • Apple. Problendiruyte green apple also add several tablespoons to your cocktail. The aroma and new taste will be guaranteed.

Perhaps it will be interesting to you to read about advantage of dried, soaked and baked apples.

  • Vinegar. The vinegar teaspoon, like a lemon, will impact interesting relish to traditional drink.
  • Ginger. For the night fill in with boiled water a grated root of ginger. Filter this mix through a gauze in the morning and add 2 tablespoons of the received juice to traditional honey drink.

These recipes do not limit you in the choice and experiments with other ingredients, for example fruit, like bananas, strawberry, a kiwi and also a citrus.

Still it is possible to combine such water with infusions of a carnation, anisetree and different grass broths. But anyway, the classical recipe is base for your experiments and in itself has enormous positive effect for a human body.

As it is correct to drink water with honey: basic rules

Each medicinal infusion has the instruction for application, and the honey elixir did not become an exception to the rules. To increase its positive influence on all functions and structures of your organism, it is necessary to follow a number of recommendations and rules, namely:

  • surely use the honey from an apiary produced independently or acquired from the checked beekeepers. It is better to refuse store products because most often add different chemical additives including harmful to our organism to them. From such honey to your organism there will definitely be no advantage;
  • water should be used in the raw;
  • it is better to take such elixir on an empty stomach or, at least, for half an hour before meal. Thanks to this rule your organism will manage to process and incorporate all that useful that is in this drink;
  • the course of treatment makes about two weeks, for prevention it is possible to accept within a month or on a constant basis, after accustoming of an organism, and for weight loss recommend to drink such elixir during the diet period.

Important! There is a set of opinions on when it is better to drink honey water: in the morning or in the evening, or in general throughout the day, and many other variations. Everything depends on what result you wish to achieve. For example, for prevention it is better to drink water on an empty stomach in the morning; for treatment of diseases recommend to use water in the evening before going to bed; to lose weight, it is necessary to drink water for half an hour before each meal.

And also we will provide Regulations of Admission of such drink for the different purposes, including for treatment of various diseases:

  • As all-strengthening and tonic — 2 times a day (in the morning on an empty stomach and for an hour to a dream).
  • For weight loss — 2 times a day (in the morning on an empty stomach and in 40 minutes prior to a dinner).
  • For treatment of problems of digestive tract — in 30 minutes prior to each meal.
  • For treatment of a liver — 3-4 times a day in 30 minutes prior to food.
  • For disposal of hangover symptoms — each hour before disappearance of symptoms (but no more than 12 times).
  • For disposal of insomnia — for the night (in 30 minutes prior to a dream).
  • For improvement of a condition of skin — 2 times a day (in the morning on an empty stomach and for an hour to a dream).
  • For prevention of deterioration in sight — 2 times a day (in the morning on an empty stomach and for half an hour to a dream).
  • For disposal of toxicosis and symptoms of a climax — in the morning on an empty stomach.

Being guided by the rules provided in this section, you will be able to receive a maximum from a life-giving elixir on the basis of honey. Try and derive pleasure!

How to lose weight by means of drink

For a long time the way of weight loss by means of honey water enjoys deserved popularity among nutritionists.

Whether you know? Thanks to the unique properties, honey helps to lose successfully extra kilos with an average speed of 2-3 kg a month and at the same time not to use any efforts any more.

Also it is possible to add a little grated ginger which will feed your organism with valuable minerals and amino acids to usual honey water, and besides, to promote acceleration of combustion of fats.

Even the most sweet honey has much lower caloric content, than sugar, and still this elixir brings bad cholesterol out of an organism and participates in process of splitting of fats. At the same time instead of fats a large amount of carbohydrates which promote power generation comes to an organism.

Thus, using a honey diet, you will be able to grow thin quite effectively and at the same time not to change the preferences in food and lifestyle though if to add a honey elixir with physical exercises and refusal of too large number fat, flour and sweet, then rates of dropping extra kilos considerably will accelerate.

Possible harm and contraindications

All of us have heard a lot that in each barrel of honey there is the spoon of tar. In this case the similar situation waits for us and with merits of honey water. So, the main contraindications at application of honey drink are:

  • allergy to honey and to beekeeping products, or their intolerance. They can be shown in the form of nausea, an itch, dizziness, diarrhea, asthma attacks;
  • diabetes. The glycemic index of honey is higher, than at sugar, and uncontrolled consumption of honey can lead to sharp jumps of sugar in blood;
  • sharp ulcer processes in digestive tract;
  • acute heart failure;
  • renal failure;
  • asthma, tuberculosis, bronchitis, emphysema, bleeding, heart attack of lungs;
  • heart disease, myocarditis;
  • pneumosclerosis;
  • gastritis, ulcer, pancreatitis, enterokolit;
  • stones in bilious and uric bubbles;
  • rheumatism;
  • cholecystitis;
  • diathesis, giperglikodermiya.

In case of neglect these contraindications development new both deterioration and complication of old diseases is possible. Therefore it is very important to follow the rules and not to wave a hand on the health, hoping for a case. Before entering useful honey water into the diet, it is worth undergoing the general inspection regarding diseases.

About advantage of water

Surprisingly, but even plain water without addition of honey or other ingredients is important and useful for an organism

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