We cook cider apple: recipe of great wine

We cook cider apple: recipe of great wine

What to do even if after production of jams, jam and juice apples still couldn't be put? Fine option of utilization of apples in bumper-crop year and also the most tasty low alcohol drink, is apple cider.

Cider – the European drink widespread in France, Italy and Germany. History apple (and pear) cider contains several millennia, the benefit apples were and are the most popular fruit, having overshadowed even traditional grapes. Recipes of production of apple cider huge number: in everyone the area they change depending on a grade of apples which grows in the region.


Preparation of cider in house conditions on one of the most widespread recipes, requires a bucket of apples (8 kg). It is the best of all to take apples ripe, but from a branch, but not a fruit drop as the last won't give good saturated taste. The grade of apples doesn't matter though all wine makers meet that apples have to be sourish. At will it is possible to add to cider candied fruits (orange or lemon skin) or spices (carnation, cinnamon) at once.


Apples need to be cleaned from a core and skins. Now it is easy to remove a core by means of special knives which are on sale in any shop of ware and kitchen accessories. Further it is necessary to grate from the received apples gruel by means of the electromeat grinder or the powerful blender, without deleting alburnum which helps apple juice to ferment. After that, it is necessary to put a pan with the turned-out weight for a week to the dark room and to cover. Once a day it is worth mixing weight, without allowing alburnum to emerge on a surface. In a week, alburnum should be wrung out and removed, and to pass juice via the filter (it is possible in the old manner, through a gauze). The turned-out, still rather turbid solution, it is necessary to pour in big large bottles and to leave for a week. Now future cider will independently ferment, without alburnum. During this period it is recommended to pour it from one large bottle (banks) in another, times in 2-3 days in order that the deposit gradually disappeared.

In 2 weeks after the beginning of cooking on days banks the deposit which needs to be filtered will begin to be formed. Such filtration usually happens a rubber or plastic hose which extorts wine from banks, leaving a deposit inside (the hose can be made of improvised materials, and it is possible to buy in shop of kitchen accessories or to order on the Internet). Technically, process is called filtration and it has to repeat before total disappearance of a deposit. As soon as the deposit disappears, cider can already be tasted (in particular to estimate taste, to understand whether it should be added granulated sugar or spices). If everything is all right, then it is possible to spill cider on bottles (under a neck) and to remove them to the cool place.

Ready cider is served cooled and is drunk instantly, yet didn't settle a small layer of a skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team