We cook croutons in the multicooker

We cook croutons in the multicooker

Crunchy home-made croutons – great snack, tasty additive to soup, broth, salad. It is easy to make them in a frying pan or in an oven, but hostesses more often use the useful multipurpose device – the multicooker. In it it is possible to make quickly sweet or salty crackers, using only useful additives.

Croutons in the multicooker: advantages and features

House crackers it is much more useful purchased. Conservatives, artificial fragrances and other not too useful ingredients aren't their part. The taste can be adjusted at will, changing proportions of spices, adding new products, experimenting with grades of bread and a form of iydeliya. Croutons give the chance to use the remains of long loafs, rolls and other types of pastries, process of preparation is very economic. It is better to do crackers of the hardened bread, it is more convenient to cut it on accurate strips or cubes.

It is very easy to prepare crackers in the multicooker. It is worth beginning with simple recipes and small trial portions. The important condition – to understand, what is the time is required for the correct roasting. A lot of things depend on model of the multicooker and a grade of bread. Ready crackers store in paper packets or sacks from fabric, in hermetically closed banks or plastic tanks they can get an unpleasant stale smell.

Juicy croutons from white loaf

The classical option suitable for light meal or additive in soup. The amount of salt is regulated to taste, it is possible to refuse spices.


  • 5 standard loaves of white loaf (about 400 g);
  • 2 tablespoons of refined sunflower oil;
  • ground black pepper;
  • salt;   
  • mix of spices.

Cut bread in cubes or strips. The first option is suitable for salads and soups more, as snack for beer it is more convenient to use long bars. Pour out grain pieces in a deep bowl, sprinkle vegetable oil, add salt, a sprinkling pepper and spices. Carefully to mix everything that oil and spices evenly covered bread.

Lay out croutons in a multicooker bowl, level a layer, close a cover and include the Pastries program. In 20 minutes to mix croutons a scapula and again to turn on the device. The general preparation time – 40 minutes. Correctly fried croutons have to get a beautiful golden crust, to become fragrant and crunchy. Pour them into a bowl, cool also a tax to a table.

Original croutons with garlic

Juicy snack in the Italian style perfectly approach beer or other drink. Such crackers can be included in structure of salad with meat or a smoked fish. Those who prefers more delicate taste should reduce amount of garlic.


  • 1 loaf of a rye bread;
  • 170 g of olive oil;
  • garlic head;
  • salt to taste;
  • dried herbs (parsley, basil, thyme).

Cut slightly hardened bread thin strips. Lay out pieces in a multicooker bowl, having slightly oiled a bottom vegetable. Include the Pastries or Multipovar program for 20 minutes.

Peel garlic, having divided into segments, crush in the blender or pass through a press. Lay out fragrant gruel in a small bowl, add mix of spicy herbs, olive oil and salt, it is good to mix.

Lay out hot croutons in a deep bowl, pour out in it oil garlic mix, mix and leave before full cooling. Additives will quickly be absorbed in fried bread, drying up, croutons will become gentle and crunchy.

Tasty croutons with taste of chicken

Excellent replacement purchased to snacks with aroma of squids, pizzas or salamis are home-made delicacies with taste of chicken, mushrooms, beef. A secret is simple – at dehumidification the concentrated broth giving to ready croutons beautiful color and saturated aroma is added to bread. Such products are good in home-made salads, they can be given as light meal on a picnic.


  • loaf of a rye bread;
  • 1 tablespoons of flavourless vegetable oil;
  • 1 cube of dry chicken broth.

Cut bread accurate into cubes or strips, to sprinkle vegetable oil and to lay out in a multicooker bowl. Prepare 20 minutes with the closed cover, having set the Pastries mode. For preparation time it is necessary to mix crackers 1-2 times a plastic or wooden scapula.

So far bread reaches the necessary standard, to prepare gas station, having filled in a cube with several spoons of hot water. To carefully knead and mix the weight that it turned out homogeneous. Pour the concentrated broth in the spray and process hot croutons, mixing them that liquid evenly soaked bread. Allow croutons to dry up and cool down. The same snacks can be made with other types of broth, for example, beef or mushroom. Good additive – dry spicy greens.

Crunchy dessert: stage-by-stage preparation

It is possible to make tasty crunchy croutons to tea of the remains of white long loaf. The amount of icing sugar is regulated to taste.


  • 400 g of long loaf, baguette or other white loaf;
  • 1 tablespoons of refined sunflower oil;
  • icing sugar.

Cut long loaf not too small pieces. Oil a multicooker bowl vegetable, pour out grain preparations, install the Pastries program for 15 minutes. Butter white loaf is cooked quicker, than rye or grain. In the course of roasting to mix croutons a scapula.

Pour out hot slices of long loaf on a plate, strew with icing sugar from a strainer. Allow delicacy to cool down and give. Sweet croutons can't be stored long, to cook them just before a meal better.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team