We cook morels dishes

We cook morels dishes

Morels are the first spring mushrooms with which fans of silent hunting begin a new season of collecting. They please with the gustatory qualities and a fine aroma. Try to make the first and second courses from morels, to add mushrooms as the main ingredient to sauces or a stuffing for pies. For a start the harvest needs to touch, wash out and boil, to be cast away on a colander – and it is possible to start a culinary delicacy.

Morels rice soup

For tasty and rich first course from morels you need 0.5 kg of fresh mushrooms and 250-300 g of grain. Boil water in a pan, salt to taste and put in it the morels cut by large pieces. Separately boil rice. Finish mushrooms until ready, add to them grain and couple of shaken-up crude eggs. Fill a mushroom soup with a desi (100 g) and give with chopped greens.

Stewed morels in Lithuanian

Try to make from morels simple and rich second course from Lithuanian cuisine. Cut the prepared raw materials (0.5 kg) and put in a pig-iron stewpan. Fry mushrooms in a tablespoon of a melted desi and pour a handful of the sifted wheat flour. Add 100 g of fat sour cream, pour in a little water and salt everything to taste. Continue to extinguish morels 30 min. under a cover on slow fire. Before the use strew second course with small cut fennel.

Morels sauce for meat

Fry half a kilo of the washed-out and boiled mushrooms until ready in a deep frying pan on a desi. Separately in a pan kindle 0.5 more tablespoons of a desi, at constant stirring by a thin stream pour the same quantity of a sifted flour. Bring the received mix to the boil and part with two glasses of hot boiled water.

Bring morels sauce to solidification then salt it to taste and season with a small amount of lemon juice and nutmeg. Be not overzealous with spicery not to muffle natural mushroom aroma! Mix the received weight about 0.5 glasses of sour cream and strew with the fresh crushed greens. Such mushroom sauce is perfectly combined with hot and cold meat dishes.

Pie with a morels stuffing

Morels – a magnificent nourishing stuffing for pastries: pies and pies, coulibiac, pancakes. The dough which is abruptly kneaded on three glasses of a wheat sifted flour, a pack of chopped margarine, couple of eggs and two spoons of fat sour cream will be suitable for this recipe. Add salt on the taste. Oil a baking tray and roll on it ready dough.

Prepare a stuffing for pie from 1 kg of the chopped morels boiled within 30 min. in the added some salt water and until ready fried in sunflower oil (3-4 tablespoons). As necessary still add some salt to morels, mix with glass of sour cream and let's the received weight cool down. Fill pie with mushrooms and, having greased with a crude frothed eggs, bake in the wind furnace until pastries are reddened. 

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