We cook potato in the microwave: original recipes

We cook potato in the microwave: original recipes

It appears, potato can be cooked not only in an oven or on a plate, but also in the microwave. It is possible to bake or boil potatoes in this wonderful equipment for only a quarter of hour. There is a set of original recipes for potatoes in the microwave.

If you love boiled potatoes, it is possible to make it in the microwave oven according to very interesting recipe. For preparation it will be required to you: 6 small young potato tubers, mix of dry Provence herbs, salt to taste and also 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil and 2 garlic gloves.

In principle the crushed garlic can be replaced also with onions. The main thing that it was cut by thin half rings.

Wash out new potato and dry it. Small cut garlic. Then miss the mark potatoes with vegetable oil and powder with salt and also dry Provence herbs. Put tubers in a dense plastic bag (also usual disposable will approach) and add the crushed garlic there. After that accurately tie a package and surely make in it a small opening in order that there could be steam. It isn't necessary to worry because the package will definitely not melt for so short preparation time of a dish.

Place a package of potatoes in the microwave oven. Turn on it for about 10 minutes at full capacity. After preparation time expires, let's tubers stand in the microwave 3 more minutes. Then turn on the oven again for 10 minutes. Ready potato should be pulled out from the microwave and to give to a table. By the way, such dish will become an excellent garnish for fish, a bird or meat.

The average time of preparation of new potato has to be from 4 to 9 minutes. It depends on quantity of tubers.

For preparation of boiled potatoes with cheese prepare such necessary products in advance as: 3 tubers, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 2 tablespoons of the crushed dry herbs (it is possible to use parsley, rosemary, green onions, a thyme), 5 tablespoons of a grated cheese. Peel potatoes and cut it on rather thin circles. Lay out it in a form for the microwave and fill in with olive oil. Strew with herbs and a prisolita on the discretion. Choose the mode of the highest power and cook a dish within 5 minutes. Here actually and all simple process of preparation. It was necessary only to get the cooked potatoes and to powder it with cheese. It will be very tasty when cheese melts and will soak warm potatoes. If you cooked meat recently and you had meat soup, it is possible to boil potatoes in it. Very appetizing dish will turn out. It will be required to you: 300 ml of rich meat soup, 500 g of potatoes, bay leaf, greens and salt to taste. In the special capacity (it is desirable to use a heat resisting pan) for the microwave oven pour meat soup, put bay leaf and the crushed greens there and also salt. Cover ware and place in the microwave oven. It is necessary to heat broth 4 minutes at the highest power.

If desired new medium-sized potato can be cooked directly in a peel. And here older and big tubers are recommended to be cleaned and cut in half.

Properly clean potato tubers, and carefully wash a baking plate with flowing water. It is possible to cut them circles or small into cubes. Lower potato in broth and you cook about 8 minutes. Power at the same time shouldn't be reduced.

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