We eat properly!"

We eat properly!"

would seem how to eat properly? So much books, articles and other recommendations which confuse more are written, than give the correct advice. Some statements, clinical trials – though would write everything simply and how quickly to reach desirable effect. And I had a purpose one – it was necessary to throw off urgently weight. And I had rather big weight – about 97 kilograms. Growth, however, average, under 180 centimeters, but nevertheless really burdened such weight.

And here, I undertook paperwork – touched all books on dietology, brochures on disposal of excess weight and came to opinion that a half of councils is really not applicable in real life. Or it is necessary to have iron will which will grant all your desires. And it, alas, does not concern average of a half of mankind in any way.

The first that I tried on myself – to apply fractional food. As fashionable and scientific magazines say – it is necessary to eat often, but gradually. Sports magazines shout on the 7th single food each 2-3 hours. But let body builders are engaged in it, and we need to reduce excess weight. Usually we eat three times a day – a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner. And we eat much, jamming at the same time the first and second courses bread and various salads moreover and sweet finally.

From such portions of food our stomach constantly stretches, and if breaks between meals were quite long. And it is so constant, it is narrowed, stretches. As a result, it does not lead to anything good but only harms our digestive system and sticks out a stomach. And we even cannot hold a press and constantly we are surprised why last year's trousers or jeans are not buttoned any more.

And so, – do not eat the first rule too seldom, namely three times a day. You are eaten often, but in the small portions. First, it slowly will reduce the stomach sizes that will lead to reduction of a stomach, especially which strongly sticks out. Secondly, you will not be disturbed by strong feeling of hunger! And it is proved by physiologists as frequent consumption of food in small portions leads to reduction of release of hormones of hunger. And, thirdly, you will not be able to overeat! Namely it also bears in itself negative consequences on an organism – heartburn, extension of a stomach, belly-ache, excessive calories and other.

Yes, of course, it is difficult at the beginning, but after all there is a little will – and you will get used. I used a little improved method – took a bowl from which ate constantly and noted on it the level of the used food. Slowly I poured less and less until the portion decreased by one third. Also noticed that this portion is enough for the subsequent meal. As well with pieces of bread – used less and less, so far the stomach thoroughly did not get used to new portions.

Do not forget that flour, sweet, salty and greasy food – your first enemies. Farinaceous food makes look fat very strongly, sweet gives excess and unnecessary calories, salty – detains water in your organism and misses in arterial blood pressure, and fat – excess of cholesterol and unnecessary fats. All of them are real murderers of a metabolism. And therefore it is necessary to try to get rid of them once and for all, or to reduce their consumption. And how? – you ask. Everything is simple. By the same method of reduction. Yes, during the first time to you there will be it it is not pleasant, in food something will be missing, but you will understand that it far not so.

Forward to a healthy lifestyle and healthy nutrition!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team