We prepare for summer: diet for appearance

We prepare for summer: diet for appearance

Soon the summer, is a high time to be going on vacation and flaunt on the beach. How by means of healthy nutrition to put the appearance and health in order in record-breaking fast terms? Here several councils for complex rehabilitation!

For beautiful skin: 1. Drink enough water - it is the best way to support skin humidified, without overloading it with creams.2. Eat avocado: it contains a lot of vitamin E which restores and protects skin and also smoothes wrinkles. Try to smear a half of avocado on a toast on time of each breakfast.

3. Freshly cooked smoothie in the mornings is a great way to improve a condition of skin. Try to drink them every day and in a week you will notice changes – your skin will look much fresher! Recipe: 1 bunch of spinach

1/2 cups papayi1/4 cups grushi1 teaspoon zlakov1 teaspoon spiruliny2 cups of coconut water 4. Try to eat fresh products and freshly cooked food – it is necessary for freshness of skin. For a slender body: 1. Hot water with a lemon are the best way to begin day. This acidified drink taken on an empty stomach will help you to stabilize acid balance in a stomach and to bring toxins out of a liver. 
2. Reduce the portions exactly twice. Perhaps it and not easy first, but you will notice a difference. Put palms, forming a circle: so much you need to eat for once. 3. Eat more green vegetables: in them there are a lot of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, but it is impossible to put on weight from them. 4. Exclude from the menu 
 the refined sugars and carbohydrates.5. Eat regularly: only this way it is possible to stabilize metabolism. Eat more often, but in the small portions.

For shiny hairs and strong nails: 1. Calcium and D3 vitamin are a basis of strong hair and nails therefore eat a cottage cheese cup in day and if you don't love a dairy products, then accept vitamins B tablets.2. Protein. Egg, a portion of low-fat meat on couple, birds or fishes every day – a basis of healthy nails and hair for which the protein.3 is necessary. It is more than fatty acids! Nuts and fish.4 are rich with them. The shortage of zinc – the frequent reason of fragile nails and dim hair. Almonds, peanut, hazelnuts, cashew nuts – a great way to fill zinc reserves in an organism so add them to the diet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team