We prepare the glazed candied fruits

We prepare the glazed candied fruits

For many a high point of the Soviet childhood are candied fruits. During deficiency as decoration of a table the vase with a multi-colored comfit was exposed. Things are changing, and there is a wish to enjoy a useful dessert sometimes.

It is required to you

  • - oranges - 8 pieces.
  • - granulated sugar – 6 glasses;
  • - water – 3 glasses.


1. Carefully wash out fruit in warm flowing water, dry. From each orange cut off edges, then execute a cut in any place of a peel. Accurately enter a sharp knife a baking plate a crust and cut off it from all fruit. Try not to touch pulp. The sarcocarp of oranges for preparation of candied fruits isn't useful, use it for preparation of juice or other dishes.

2. Put all rinded in a pan. Pour in it in waters so much that the product was closed completely. Establish capacity on fire, bring to the boil, then reduce heating of structure, you cook 20 minutes.

3. Further it is necessary to merge boiled water from a pan with crusts, to fill in again cold water and to put on fire, i.e. repeat the procedure. Fill in completely boiled peel with cold boiled water. Cool in it a product within 5-7 minutes.

4. Then carry out the procedure of clarification of skin of oranges. A spoon scrape off an internal white part. Carry out it accurately not to tear a plate. Cut crusts on strips or small squares.

5. Further prepare syrup. In a pan pour in water, mix with granulated sugar. Heat on slow fire, periodically stirring sugar.

6. Lower the prepared orange semi-finished products in syrup. You cook products within 40-50 minutes on weak fire. Achieve transparency of products. Cool ready segments in hot syrup within three hours, it is possible to leave for the night.

7. Catch cold candied fruits from syrup a skimmer, they should be wrung out. Or use a sieve, leave candied fruits in it, let excess syrup will flow down. Now slightly roll in pieces in sugar and give to tea.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team