We study structure and advantage of persimmon: as apply a product and whether there are contraindications"

We study structure and advantage of persimmon: as apply a product and whether there are contraindications"

For quite some time now persimmon became very popular and quite available fruit in the domestic markets. However our many compatriots did not manage to get acquainted properly both with its chemical composition, and with useful and harmful characteristics yet. In more detail this article in which the aspects interesting you concerning this product are collected will help to deal with this question to you.

Description and tastes

Usually persimmon has the form of a sphere or egg which one party is flattened and on it there is a probkoobrazny roundish shank of quite large size which is a little pressing in pulp, as a rule, light - or dark brown color. The fruit has yellow or orange color, sometimes with a small reddish outflow.

Whether you know? When persimmon began to be cultivated in the territory of North America, it was long taken for decorative fruit because of astringent taste, till that moment until someone tasted its fruits after the first frosts.

Pulp has gentle, sweet, sometimes tart taste, very soft and juicy. When eating has property "knit a mouth". If persimmon insufficiently ripe, then this effect is more expressed. Inside a small amount of sunflower seeds which often happen enough large sizes can contain and will be stirred most close to the central axis.

We study structure

The rich vitamin and mineral structure allows to claim with confidence that this fruit not only tasty and original, but also quite useful. It has many properties, pleasant for an organism. Below we will stop on the components which are contained in persimmon in more detail and we will try to find out what does it so tasty and useful.


An indisputable champion according to contents in persimmon is vitamin A which it contains about 22% of day norm. He is responsible for normal development of an organism through regulation of work of cellular membranes, work of a reproductive system and also health of eyes, skin and normal functioning of the immune system.

Are rich in vitamin A as well broccoli, carrots, pumpkin, avocado, a peach, an apricot, cod liver.

ranks second the beta carotene which is substance from which during metabolic processes in an organism vitamin A is synthesized. Besides, it has the expressed antioxidant properties, has the invigorating effect and raises the general vitality. Its contents in persimmon — up to 20%. Top three on the content of vitamins B a fruit is closed by vitamin C which in it the whole 17% of day norm. This substance is good familiarly with the active participation in work of the immune system, besides this vitamin promotes process of assimilation of iron and wins back an important role in oxidation-reduction reactions.

In much smaller concentration, but nevertheless there are at this fruit also group B vitamins (in the sum — up to 3%) taking active part in work of nervous, digestive and haematogenic system and also RR vitamin (up to 1.5%) which normalizes exchange processes in an organism, and the vitamin E (up to 3.3%) which is the major component in many biochemical reactions proceeding in an organism.

Mineral substances

Magnesium which is responsible in an organism for processes of synthesis of proteinaceous structures is on the first place, stabilizes cellular membranes, takes active part in maintenance of a homeostasis and wins back the major role in many metabolic processes. Its persimmon contains about 14% of day norm.

Ranks second the iron which is a component of many key proteins, including hormones, enzymes and hemoglobin. Thanks to this element the delivery to cells of oxygen is carried out and there are oxidation-reduction reactions. Its contents reaches 13.9%.

Whether you know? In Egypt, persimmon cannot be eaten as an independent dish. There it is used most often as one of components for salads or other cold dishes.

Ranks third the calcium (up to 12.7%) which is responsible for the normal state of a bone tissue, regulating work of nervous system and taking active part in process of reduction of muscle fiber. It is necessary to distinguish potassium from other elements which are a part of persimmon (to 8% of day norm), phosphorus (up to 5.3% of day norm) and chlorine (up to 3%).

Caloric content

This product, despite rather high content in is mute various sugars which impact it its sweet, saturated relish, it is quite possible to carry to low-calorie products and to recommend for the people seeking to lose weight. Its caloric content is 67 kcal on 100 g of a product.


  • Proteins — 0.5 g on 100 g of a product (0.7% of day norm).
  • Fats — 0.4 g on 100 g of a product (0.7% of day norm).
  • Carbohydrates — 15.3 g on 100 g of a product (7.3% of day norm).

In what advantage of a product

Among the general, useful for of both sexes, properties of this fruit it is necessary to mark out ability to normalize work of digestive tract, liver, nervous and cardiovascular system. These effects first of all are caused by the rich vitamin and mineral structure and various organic compounds which are present at structure.

It is necessary to tell that persimmon very well satisfies hunger, and the use of 1-2 fruits is quite capable to replace full meal that sometimes allows to save time and money significantly. Its rather compact sizes and a form, convenient for transportation, allow to take without any problem it for work as a lunch or an afternoon snack.

Regular consumption of persimmon is capable to purify in short terms blood of the person from surplus of cholesterol and other harmful fats, thereby having prevented development of atherosclerosis, heart attack and stroke. Persimmon perfectly is suitable as a universal diet for representatives of the both sexes, having problems with normal work vessels.

Many people using persimmon on a constant basis note improvement of mood, increase in the general vitality and the rejuvenating effect. Antioxidant properties of biologically active agents which are its part are capable to resist to development of cancer in a human body and also to prolong youth and to have beneficial influence on a condition of hair, skin and nails.

Whether you know? Persimmon very long time was one of the few delicacies served to tea in Japan. In ancient times, when the country lived in strict isolation, Japanese did not know some sugar and dried slices of persimmon were their only sweets.

Because of high content in vitamin C persimmon she will serve good service in fight against various diseases and also will help to transfer the period of recovering from serious infectious and viral illnesses without special complications.

For men

Persimmon is rather useful product for male health, first of all due to the ability to prevent development of such disease, unpleasant for any man, as prostatitis. Rich contents in its composition of magnesium and calcium promotes such preventive effect of this fruit. Besides, the all-toning and rejuvenating effect of influence of persimmon on an organism concerns, including, and sexual function.

Learn more in details about advantage of persimmon for an organism of men.

For women

Any woman is eager to be beautiful and desired, persimmon can help directly them with realization of a dream not only the antioxidant properties, but also by recovery of natural appearance of hair, nails and skin. Besides, persimmon helps with treatment of diseases of kidneys.

Whether it is possible to use a product

Despite a set of useful properties which are possessed by this product there are several periods in life of any person when it is especially vulnerable in relation to influence of any negative factor, it is possible even such, at first sight, harmless as eating of persimmon. Below we will try to understand whether it is possible to eat this fruit in any given states.

To children

You should not give this fruit to children to 3-year age as it can lead to formation in children's intestines of sticky lumps of a khimus which will get stuck in it, to interfere with further passing of food on digestive tract and to cause unpleasant symptoms in the form of pain and, perhaps, vomitings. Possible emergence of such symptoms is connected with presence at persimmon of the notorious knitting properties.

We advise to learn how to strengthen immunity to the child.

After 3 years it is possible gradually to begin to give it to children, but without special fanaticism: try to begin with several small pieces a day, and gradually you bring amount of the persimmon eaten in a day to one small fruit. In general, if the child after 3 years has no food allergy on this product, then no other age contraindications for consumption of persimmon at its age should be any more.

To pregnant women

There are no official sources which would confirm negative impact of these fruits on organisms of pregnant women and their future children. It is considered even that this product, on the contrary, has a positive impact, helping with formation of a normal skeleton of future kid and participating in regulation of maternal metabolism. At the same time it is necessary to remember that the diet of future mother has to be full and balanced, and cannot consist all from any one product even if it is persimmon.

Study the list of necessary vitamins for pregnant women and the feeding mothers.


This fruit is quite capable to cause development of diathesis in the chest kid which mother uses it. However the probability of such succession of events is rather low and if persimmon enters your diet, do not hurry to exclude it from a diet at once. Try to think what else in your diet is capable to cause similar manifestations from health of the kid. Exclude persimmon in the last turn.

It is important! In case you are precisely sure that consumption of this product by you became the reason of development of an allergy in your child, completely exclude it from the diet, and transfer the child for several days to an artificial ptianiye. In several days after the organism is cleaned from persimmon components, it will be possible to return to breastfeeding.

Special cases

This product extremely is not recommended to the use to people who have diabetes, especially insulin-dependent. Because of high content of sugar in it he is capable to provoke deterioration in a state, up to a hyper glycemic coma.

It is impossible to eat this fruit and in case you have any disease of digestive tract in a sharp phase, for example, of gastritis, colitis or an ulcer — it can lead to deterioration in a clinical picture and strengthening of a pain syndrome.

Also the people having chronic pancreatitis as it can lead to aggravation of process and its transition to a sharp phase because of the specific enzymes which are contained in this fruit which strengthen secretion of a pancreas cannot eat these fruits.

Restrictions and bans

Despite a number of useful properties of this product, is at it and unpleasant properties, in more detail about which — below.


Very frequent side effect of the consumption of persimmon is development of allergic reaction, besides developing of an allergy to some certain grade is considered rather widespread phenomenon. Therefore every time with care try a type of persimmon, new, unfamiliar for yourself, and especially carefully do it in case you never tried it before.

Rather quite often regular consumption of this fruit is the reason of development in people of bezoar — the firm stones consisting of various organic and inorganic components which are further the reason of formation of intestinal impassability. For reduction of probability of development of such side effect it is worth remembering that it is impossible to combine persimmon with cold water and milk.

Contraindications and harm

Except the contraindications which are already called above, it is worth meaning that it is desirable for all people who had any an abdominal cavity surgeries before, were ill to refrain from consumption of this fruit or have an adhesive disease as it will only enhance the knitting effect and will promote strengthening of symptoms of impassability.

Unripe persimmon, except the habitual knitting effect, can also become the reason of development of the serious lock accompanied with a meteorizm and belly-aches even at completely healthy people and therefore before consumption of this fruit in food we recommend to be convinced of its ripeness.

Whether dried persimmon is useful?

Dried persimmon loses a significant amount of the useful components, however at the same time loses the unpleasant knitting effect and considerably adds in sweet that does it by quite delicious dish. The absolute majority of biologically active agents making miracle impact on an organism, having the antioxidant and toning properties simply leave their persimmon together with water.

Study recipes of drying and drying of persimmon in house conditions.

However reduction of amount of useful substances does not mean at all that dried fruit gets, any negative properties. If to store it in due conditions and to prepare with respect for all technology, then it is possible to tell that dried persimmon does not become more harmful, than her fresh fellow with confidence. However, too you will not call it useful any more.

Features at consumption and the choice

This product — rather expensive goods therefore it is necessary to know how to choose such fruit which would lie, without spoiling, as long as you want, and would please you with the tastes at any time what you will find necessary.

As it is correct to choose and store persimmon

Before purchase attentively examine a fruit regarding various damages of its peel, attentively feel each fruit — whether there are on it no dents and softenings. Look, whether uniform color all its peel whether is not present where black marks which speak about the beginning damage of goods. Check whether the shank adjoins to the fruit basis densely, whether not too it dry or, on the contrary, damp. Buy persimmon in the last turn that other products did not press down these gentle goods in your bag. At home persimmon needs to be stored in the refrigerator, it is desirable in a compartment for vegetables, at a temperature not above 8-10 °C. It is desirable that each fruit was separately from other contents of a compartment as its gentle structure promotes formation of dents on which quickly there is a mold which is inclined to pass promptly from one fruit to another.

What it is combined with and as there is a fruit

Ripe persimmon is very well combined with various fermented milk products, for example, with different yogurts, cottage cheese, kefir, fermented baked milk, cream. The persimmon combination with orange juice is very good on taste. Remember that it is impossible to eat persimmon in combination with cold water, milk, and it is undesirable to combine it with various grain, for example, with porridge.

It is important! If the knitting effect of persimmon is strongly unpleasant to you, try to place it for half an hour-hour in the freezer. After extraction of fruit from it you can safely start a meal — from tartness there will be no trace left also.

It is the best of all to eat this fruit till 17:00, and in day it is not recommended to eat more than 3 pieces. It is impossible to use persimmon earlier, than in an hour after end of the main meal, and not later, than in 30 minutes prior to the beginning of a meal. In the same case if your meal was plentiful and rich with meat dishes, this fruit is not recommended to be eaten earlier, than in 2-2.5 hours after it.

Why persimmon "knits a mouth"

The knitting effect is inherent in this fruit because its not enough mature copies are a part tannin — the substance having tannic properties. These properties mean antibacterial and antiseptic effects therefore the substances similar to tannin, very often specially take from various plants to include them in composition of any given medicine.

Fortunately, the chemical composition of persimmon is quite changeable, and by the time of maturing the tannin allocating persimmon with such unpleasant property almost completely disappears from its structure therefore it gains soft, pleasant, saturated and sweet taste.

Medicinal properties of a product

Despite existence in structure of this product of tannin which has the fastening properties, ripe fruit can be used for the purpose of treatment of locks. For this purpose take 1 ripe fruit, peel it, place pulp in the blender, and divide the received weight into 3 parts. Take 1 part for half an hour to food a course for 2 weeks.

Persimmon will help you to get rid of manifestations of hemorrhoids. For this purpose the ripe fruit cleaned from stones and a peel needs to be placed for one night in a glass with boiled water, and after to drink the received liquid since morning on an empty stomach. The course of treatment makes 1 month. One more important medical effect of this product is its ability to treat an allergy on skin. For receiving an effective remedy it is necessary to mix 0.5 kg of the cleaned unripe fruits from 1.5 l of boiled water and to leave in the sun for 1 week. After that it is necessary to filter the received solution, to throw out all pulp, and to place liquid on sunlight for 3 days. Ready means can be applied on the sites of skin subject to allergic rashes.

Apply the following recipe to treatment of hemophilia: 50 g of a root of a lotus and 50 g of dried persimmon crush, fill in with a half of liter of boiled water and insist within 15 minutes. Add 20 g of honey to the received mix, properly mix and accept 3 times a day on 1 tablespoon of means to food. The cycle of treatment makes 15 days.

The diuretic effect rendered by this fruit can be applied in complex therapy of cystitis, pyelonephritises and other diseases of an urinogenital system. Thanks to a large amount of the potassium which is contained in a product, intake of persimmon does less harm to an organism, than intake of many modern diuretics. For the expressed diuretic effect will eat 2–3 fruits a day enough.

Persimmon for weight loss

This fruit can become an excellent component which will help the person seeking to lose weight, achieve desirable results. It is only necessary to consider the fact that only one use of fruits insufficiently for the expressed result will be obvious. The complex diet taking into account the day need of your organism for proteins, fats and carbohydrates and also regular physical activities and maintaining active lifestyle is necessary.

Low-calorie products are easier acquired by an organism and will become the best assistants for those who want to lose weight. Least of all calories contain in a celery, spinach, an asparagus, eggplants, a coriander, paprika, a lemon, strawberry.

There are developed techniques of the monodiet based on this product. However it is worth remembering that, eating only only one persimmon, you receive less the mass of substances useful and necessary for an organism. Therefore before any similar diet it is worth consulting previously with the nutritionist.

Cosmetology properties

Cosmetology properties of this fruit are based first of all on its positive influence on a condition of integuments and hair which are caused by the antioxidant and rejuvenating properties of the components which are a part of persimmon. The modern cosmetology suggests to use it as ingredient for various masks which some recipes you can find below.

Face packs

It will be necessary for preparation of the first mask for us: kiwi half, half of persimmon and 1 teaspoon of olive oil. After cleaning of persimmon and a kiwi of a peel crush their pulp and add olive oil to the received weight. After careful hashing put a mask on a face, at the same time trying to avoid sites around lips and eyes. 20 minutes later wash away a mask cold water.


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