What are the healthy nutrition, its rules and the principles

What are the healthy nutrition, its rules and the principles

The healthy nutrition is a diet which is calculated for many years or even for the rest of life. Adhering to it, it is possible not only to achieve desirable result, but also to keep it without harm for health. Fundamentals of healthy nutrition are simple, it is easy to follow them – there would be desire.

What is eaten at healthy nutrition

The basic rule at software - an exception of a diet harmful to a figure and the general condition of an organism of the products having only negative impact.

All food is cooked in four ways:

- cooking;

- on couple;

- roasting;

- suppression.

Fried and prepared in hot fan it is worth excluding from the diet. These ways of processing of products negatively affect not only a condition of a figure, but also such bodies as a liver and a pancreas.

Very important point at software is the use of enough liquid during the day – from 1.5 to 2 liters.

Salt also has a certain value. Its consumption should be limited to 7-10 grams a day, otherwise the organism will begin to detain liquid, leading to a metabolic disorder and puffiness.

Sugar is a carbohydrate which only on a short period provides an organism with forces, in general empty calories absolutely to anything! Therefore its use needs to be minimized or at all to exclude.

Any semi-finished products are characterized by lack of advantage, high caloric content, the minimum content of vitamins and minerals. Of course, the lack of time because of study or work leads to the fact that semi-finished products are popular, facilitating life, but at the same time they worsen its quality, provoking obesity and other problems with health. 

The healthy nutrition has to be frequent (5-6 times a day), and portions small. The breakfast is rich with complex carbohydrates, fats are admissible, protein prevails during the lunchtime, it is already less carbohydrates and fats, than in the morning, evening – time of protein products and cellulose. Vegetables, fruit, nuts, kefir will be suitable for having a snack. It isn't recommended to miss meals!

Components of a diet of healthy nutrition

1) Protein! The most important part of the menu. Use the products rich with protein, it is possible at any time, without being afraid to recover. It can be:

- chicken breast, turkey;

- egg whites;

- milk, kefir, sour cream;

- low-fat cheese;

- beef (no more than 2-3 times a week);

- bean;

- fish, seafood;

- soy.

2) Cellulose! Also extremely important element. It contains generally in vegetables which can be used practically at any time.

Why carbohydrates need to be minimized?

They are also necessary for an organism, but they should be limited to 120 g a day, at the same time to exclude fast carbohydrates absolutely (any cakes, buns, sweeties, beer, cookies, the aerated sweet drinks, etc.).

The healthy nutrition has to become a way of life to which it is worth adhering not from time to time, and always. Sports activities, walks in the fresh air, various improving procedures (massage, a contrast shower), the correct mode of a dream - all this will also perfectly affect weight loss and the general condition of an organism.

Each person is a builder of the body! And not for nothing say: you is what you eat!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team