What bourbon differs from an adhesive tape in

What bourbon differs from an adhesive tape in

200 years ago whisky was considered as drink for the poor. Over time appeared several types of whisky, including an adhesive tape and bourbon which acquired the status of elite. Some people believe that the fundamental difference between these types doesn't exist, but it not so.

Similarity and distinctions of an adhesive tape and bourbon

In fact, the adhesive tape and bourbon are one drink which is called whisky. But raw materials, technology of preparation, a way of their endurance differ. And as a result two drinks with absolutely different taste turn out therefore the adhesive tape and bourbon can't be identified in any way.

The adhesive tape is a Scotch whisky which is easy for learning, having looked at the name. On bottles with this drink whisky is specified while on packings with other types of whisky whiskey is written.

Bourbon is the American whisky. Such name to it was given by peasants in honor of the village in which it was framed. But the place of origin is not the only difference between these drinks. First of all, they are made of different raw materials. So, the real adhesive tape is cooked from barley for which drying peat is used. It adds a smoke note to aroma of ready drink. Bourbon is received from corn. Technological processes of preparation and whisky, and bourbon have much in common. But the main difference is that they are differently maintained. In what barrels alcohol is kept, affects taste of drink. The adhesive tape is maintained in earlier used barrels from under a sherry. Their wood is softer and it gives to an adhesive tape aroma of former drink. Alcohol from which in several years bourbon will turn out needs to be kept only in the new barrels burned from within from a white oak. Thanks to this nuance, drink has dark saturated color. As for taste, the adhesive tape differs in tartness and softness, and bourbon has sweetish taste and saturated aroma.

As it is correct to drink an adhesive tape and bourbon

The culture of the consumption of alcoholic drinks in different countries differs. Therefore to give the chance to drink to open all the bouquet, it is necessary to drink it as it is used in the homeland. The adhesive tape is drunk from the tall glasses with a thick bottom having the tulip form. Glasses need to be cooled, as well as drink. Using an adhesive tape, you shouldn't hurry. It is drunk small drinks, detaining in a mouth to feel each note of taste. Glasses with an adhesive tape don't decorate, also don't drink this drink through a straw – it is considered bad form. Bourbon is also drunk from glasses with a thick bottom. And as well as an adhesive tape, bourbon enjoy slowly. Before taking the first sip, the glass with this drink is long warmed in palms, then stirred up, several drops pound on fingers, inhale aroma. Only after that begin to drink bourbon, enjoying taste. However it is worth to remember, as an adhesive tape, and bourbon – hard alcoholic beverages, and you shouldn't abuse them.

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