What bread is more useful - white or black

What bread is more useful - white or black

Someone considers black bread more useful. And someone is convinced that white loaf is more useful. Unfortunately, the unambiguous opinion can't be here. Black and white (rye and wheat) bread on the structure are approximately identical. But nevertheless rye surpasses the "white brother" in some parameters.

Vitamins and acids

In black bread there is more lysine, than in white. Essential amino acid participates in process of regeneration of fabrics and normalizes a metabolism. The loaf is more dark, the it is more in it than minerals (not on many, but nevertheless), such as manganese, iron, zinc. Add malt to a rye bread, and in wheat – no. By the way, because of malt it and a black, rye bread without malt – gray color. Malt contains a solid portion of vitamin E.

Taste and problems with a stomach

But white – is more tasty. And it has several advantages too. It doesn't cause heartburn therefore it is recommended to all who have problems with a stomach, such as gastritis or ulcer. Only isn't necessary, having excessive acidity of gastric juice, there is a fresh white bread with a heat about a heat. It will even more increase acidity.

But black bezdrozhzhevy bread which is cooked on intoxicated, but not on a yeast starter, very sour too and isn't recommended to people with stomach diseases at all. At white loaf structure more gentle, and at black – rough. Therefore white – is more comfortable for a problem stomach and intestines.

Cellulose and bran

Most of all cellulose, fibers, vitamins, useful substances in whole-grain bread. It is even better if bran is added to it. This bread not black and not white, but brownish gray with impregnations. And it, perhaps, is considered the most useful. It has no contraindications. It long doesn't harden. It contains such useful additives as sunflower seeds, an anise, sesame, caraway seeds, nuts, dried fruits. Bran cleans intestines and removes toxins. But this bread has one defect. It is more high-calorie, than black and white (because of dried fruits, sunflower seeds and nuts). Therefore losing weight with it it is necessary to be more careful. And having such diseases as intestinal colitis – too. Bran can cause irritation of intestines.

How many and with what is

Both black, and white loaf will lose a half of the value if is them with meat products. To components of bread the substances which are contained in meat prevent to be acquired. Bread, in turn interferes with assimilation from iron meat. Therefore бутербродик with sausage it isn't useful equally both with black, and with white loaf. And here both rye, and white bread is well combined with fermented milk products, cheeses, cottage cheese, vegetables, greens and soups. Advantage and harm of bread – not in its color and even not in its structure, and in its quantity and that you eat with this bread. If with bread you use many fats – sausages, oil, cheese, neither black, nor white won't be useful. But if to eat at most 150 g of bread (any color) a day and to have the balanced ration, both rye, and white bread celluloses will only add carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team