What bread the most useful

What bread the most useful

It is unknown when bread for the first time appeared among food. It agrees one of versions, the first flat cake was made accidentally. Whether a certain ancient cook shifted grains when cooked porridge, whether unintentionally spilled a part of the grain talker on center stones and thus baked flat cake. Since then there was a set of types of bread, however not all of them are useful equally.


1. Today speak about harm of bread much, quite often even advise it completely to exclude from a diet. First of all, it concerns those who suffer from excess weight and also some very serious diseases. The bread baked from white wheat flour of the premium is considered the most tasty. Unfortunately, contains in it least of all useful substances, besides, it differs in high caloric content. Many physicians and nutritionists hold the opinion that active consumption of white loaf contributes to the development of cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, endocrine and even oncological diseases.

2. For these reasons, it is better to give preference to other grades of bread. The so-called gray bread made with addition of rye flour, much more slowly than white, is acquired by an organism. Therefore, after its use, the person long doesn't hunger. Besides, several pieces of a rye bread provide a half of day norm necessary for an organism of iron, potassium, magnesium and cellulose.

3. However the most useful to the person is bread with bran. It has no contraindications at all. Absolutely on the contrary, such bread is recommended to the children, pregnant women and people having digestive tract diseases. A coarse flour of which this bread is baked has ability to keep during heat treatment up to 90% of the useful elements which are a part of the raw grain (and it and is the most useful).

4. Besides, bread with bran contains a large amount of cellulose. Thanks to it, it not only doesn't do harm to a figure, but also promotes weight loss. Also vitamins of group B and RR vitamins which in food meet not so often are its part. Branny bread contains the elements necessary for health of heart and a liver therefore doctors recommend to use it for prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Besides, consumption of bread with bran contributes to normalization of activity of digestive tract.

5. Nutritionists recommend 1 time to carry out to 3 weeks cleaning of an organism by means of branny bread. For this purpose during the day it is necessary to eat only bread with bran and fruit salads, washing down all this with a green tea. Those who wants to lose weight and also to all admirers of healthy food are recommended to refuse completely white loaf, having replaced it branny.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team