What caloric content of eggs

What caloric content of eggs

Eggs – one of the most ancient products which differs in nutritiousness and content of a large amount of useful substances. They can be used in fried, pareny, boiled and even crude look. The truth their caloric content will differ at the same time.

Egg caloric content

Energy value of eggs depends not only on their size, but also on a way of preparation and food of chicken who demolished them. So, crude eggs contain from 50 to 80 kcal. And the most part of calories are the share of a yolk. It is interesting that in a boiled look this product has approximately the same caloric content.

But energy value of fried eggs almost doubles. So, one egg made in a frying pan will add to an organism excess 40-70 kcal. And if to cook fried eggs on creamy or vegetable oil, energy value of a product will increase even more. And omelet will be the most high-calorie eggs dish, apart from pastries, milk and a various stuffing still is its part.

Caloric content of quail egg

Quail eggs contain almost identical number of calories with chicken. However because weight at them is much less, energy value of one egg in a crude and boiled look makes 16-17 kcal. That is why even at a rigid diet it is quite possible to dare to have a bite a couple of quail eggs, having added them, for example, to a vegetable salad. But they contain much more useful substances, than chicken, and enrich an organism with irreplaceable acids: glycine, lysine, tyrosine and others.

Advantage of eggs

Contrary to popular belief that eggs are harmful because of cholesterol content, scientists proved their obvious advantage for an organism long ago. As a part of eggs there is a large amount of lecithin which doesn't allow cholesterol to be laid on walls of vessels. Besides, in crude eggs of cholesterol isn't present at all. That is why this product is included in a diet even sick atherosclerosis for a long time, but in small amounts. Besides, chicken and quail eggs enrich an organism with group of vitamins B, vitamins A, D, H, K and E. That is why this product promotes strengthening of immunity and removal from an organism of harmful compounds, supports a tone of skin and strengthens nervous system. As a part of eggs there are also a lot of mineral substances, including phosphorus, zinc, potassium and iron. Protein contains a large amount of essential amino acids which are perfectly acquired by an organism in eggs and are required for it for maintenance of all important processes, including mental activity. In addition eggs promote regulation of level of insulin in an organism and remove the fats which are saved up by a liver.

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