What can be eaten for increase in mood

What can be eaten for increase in mood

The bad mood can be caused not only the unpleasant moments in life or stressful situations, but also just a lack of an organism of certain substances. In the latter case will help out some products directly influencing production of hormones of "happiness".


The first place among the products promoting good mood surely occupies chocolate. At its structure there are such substances as caffeine, анандамид and theobromine which influence development in an organism gamma аминобутировой acid and serotonin – hormones of "happiness".

Besides, chocolate pretty fast increases the level of the glucose which is a power source in an organism. Therefore this product also helps to cope with breakdown which also often happens the reason of minor mood.

And bitter chocolate as a part of which less different additives and preservatives are much more than caffeine is especially useful. To start enjoying life over again, 100 g of such product a day there are enough. Such quantity, by the way, won't damage to a figure at all.

Bright fruit and vegetables

Increase in mood is promoted also by bananas, citrus and bright vegetables. The first contain decent amount of tryptophane from which serotonin is produced too. And still bananas are a source of the carbohydrates and a protein necessary for development by an energy organism. There is at their structure also a magnesium regulating a dream. Citrus and bright vegetables are rich with ascorbic acid and a large amount of other vitamins which deficiency also affects health of the person. Besides, their structure contains the bioflavonoids improving brain blood circulation. To increase mood, scientists recommend to regale on strawberry, a kiwi, orange, paprika, carrots.

Fish and seafood

Fish also contains amino acid tryptophane on which availability in an organism the mood of the person depends. And it remains even after thermal treatment. This product it is possible to increase mood that who owing to the excess weight or problems with health limits consumption of sweeties. Fish also is useful to strengthening of the immune system, in its structure there are a lot of vitamins, minerals and nonsaturated fatty acids. Other seafood also fills a reserve of vitamins and nutrients in an organism that too promotes good mood. And the sea cabbage besides increases the level of hormone of adrenaline which lack is fraught with fatigue and bad mood.


Cheese contains such amino acids as фенилэтиламин, триктамин and tyramine, promoting a spirit raising. And there is such product it is useful both for breakfast, and for dinner so they can increase mood at any time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team