What can be made with orange crusts

What can be made with orange crusts

Orange-peels contain useful essential oils, differ in pleasant aroma and a peculiar taste. All these valuable properties need to be used. Squeezing out juice or regaling on fruit, don't throw out orange-peels - from them it is possible to prepare many tasty desserts and drinks.

Fragrant jam

If you gathered many crusts from oranges, cook tasty jam. It can be given to tea, to use as a layer for cakes and a stuffing for house pies. That jam turned out tasty, use oranges with a thick peel. Before cleaning they need to be washed up carefully a brush and hot water.

It is required to you:

- 1 kg of orange-peels; - 1.2 kg of sugar; - 250 ml of water; - 0.5 h spoon of citric acid. Wet orange-peels for day in cold water. Then wash out them and cut small squares or thin strips. Weigh raw materials - on kilogram of crusts 1.2 kg of sugar are necessary. Lay out sugar in a pan, fill in with water, add citric acid. You cook syrup until sugar is dissolved. Fill in with it crusts and remove to infuse for 4-5 hours. At this time crusts will actively absorb syrup.

Put jam on a plate, bring to the boil, boil thoroughly 5 minutes, remove and remove for 4 hours. Repeat process 3-4 times. Pour ready jam on the sterilized banks, cool, having covered with a gauze, and then close covers and remove on storage.

Drink from orange-peels

Both fresh, and dry crusts will be suitable for preparation of drink. Add sugar and citric acid to taste. It is required to you: - orange-peels; - sugar; - citric acid; - water. Lay out crusts in a big can or a pan, fill in with boiled water. In a day merge infusion in separate ware and warm up. Miss the softened crusts via the meat grinder or crush in the food processor. Lay out them in the same to bank, fill in with hot infusion and leave for day. Filter ready drink through a gauze, add sugar and citric acid. Give cooled.

Orange candied fruits

House candied fruits will become an original alternative to habitual candies. They can be rolled in in sugar, but it is much more interesting the candied fruits glazed by a dark chocolate. It is required to you: - 500 g of orange-peels; - 500 g of sugar; - 100 g of bitter dark chocolate. Carefully wash up oranges before rinding with them. Wet crusts in cold water for 3 days. It is necessary to change water at least 2 times a day. Then cut off a white part, having left only a dried peel. Chop it strips 5 mm thick. Weld syrup from 150 ml of water and sugar. Fill in with it crusts and you cook 10 minutes. Remove ware from fire and remove for 10 hours for insisting. Repeat operation 2-3 times. Take ready candied fruits from syrup and you dry on the baking sheet laid by parchment paper. In a day candied fruits will be ready. Kindle chocolate on a water bath. Dip each stick candied fruit into chocolate so that glaze covered a half or a third. Let's glaze stiffen, having spread out products on the cold plate which is slightly oiled. Then lay out candied fruits in a vase and give to tea or coffee.

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