What can be prepared by means of the blender

What can be prepared by means of the blender

The blender - universal kitchen appliances. With its help it is possible to shake up cocktail or mousse, to make cream soup, souffle, paste or other tasty dishes. Use the blender with a bowl or submersible - both options perfectly pyurirut, pound and shake up.

Tomato cream soup

Try to make simple first course - cream soup. By means of the blender it can be made completely uniform. Choose the ripest tomatoes - immature won't give saturated color. If soup seems to you too pale, add to it a tablespoon of tomato paste.

It is required to you:

- 700 g of ripe tomatoes; - 450 ml of chicken broth; - 450 ml of milk; - 1 potato; - 1 small bulb; - bunch of greens of a basil; - 1 h sugar spoon; - 0.5 tablespoons of vegetable oil; - 0.5 tablespoons of a desi; - 150 ml of dense cream; - salt, fresh ground black pepper.

Wash up tomatoes, dry and small cut, without husking. In a deep frying pan mix vegetable and a desi, kindle. Small cut potatoes and onions, lay out in a frying pan, add tomatoes. You extinguish everything to softness of vegetables. Pour in chicken broth and milk in mix. Add sugar, small cut basil greens, salt and fresh ground pepper. Mix and extinguish 15 minutes. Cool soup, pour it in a bowl of the blender and a pyuriruyta. Then warm up mix in a stewpan. Serve soup in cups, having strewed every portion with pepper and having added a tablespoon of cream.

Vegetable sockets

This beautiful dish will become a fine garnish for meat or fish. It can be prepared from any root crops - a sweet potato, a yam, swede or turnip. It is required to you: - 450 g of carrots; - 450 g of potatoes; - 30 g of a desi; - 2 vitelluses; - nutmeg pinch; - sugar pinch; - salt; - fresh ground black pepper. Clean vegetables, cut them and separately boil in the added some salt water to softness. Pyuriruyte vegetables the submersible blender, and then lay out on a frying pan and let's be evaporated excess liquid. - carrot and potato - add sugar, nutmeg, pepper to each part, on 1 yolk and a half portion of oil. Lay out carrot and mashed potatoes in a pastry bag and transplant it in the form of two-color sockets on the baking tray oiled. Bake products in the oven warmed up to 200 wasps, about 20 minutes.

Banana cocktail with ice cream

Tasty and useful dessert - with bananasand ice cream cocktail. It is more convenient to shake up it in the blender with a bowl. Use very sweet overripe bananas. At will the sweet of drink can be enhanced, having added a little liquid honey or syrup. It is required to you: - 2 large overripe bananas; - 2 glasses of milk; - 100 g of creamy ice cream; - 1 h spoon of coconut flakes. Break the peeled bananas on pieces and lay out in a blender bowl. Pyuriruyte fruit, pour in milk, add ice cream. Shake up mix in homogeneous mass, pour it on the cooled glasses. Every portion strew with coconut flakes and give.

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