What cream the best for decoration of cake

What cream the best for decoration of cake

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The skillful hostess in a culinary notebook will always have a two-three of recipes of the most tasty cream by means of which it is possible to decorate cakes, cakes or any other dessert. Sometimes cream is used only for decoration of cake, but often it is put also for full impregnation.

Basic basis

Each dessert demands the cream. For example, the sponge cake needs very strong impregnation as its cake layers turn out dry and fragile. For this dessert the oil or sour cream is better to be used.

One of the simplest recipes following: it is necessary to take 1 bank of boiled condensed milk and 400 ml of dense sour cream. Mix ingredients among themselves and give well to infuse. It is better to grease with such cream cake in advance that cake layers well became impregnated. If desired it is possible to add the crushed dried apricots to cream. This cream is good both for impregnation, and for decoration of the most culinary product.

One more option - oil cream, as a part of which: - 200 g of the softened desi; - 1 bank of a condensed milk. These components should be mixed among themselves to a condition of dense sour cream. It is also possible to add to weight cocoa powder – simple chocolate cream will turn out.

Cream delicacy

But plain cream sometimes looks a little dullishly therefore many culinary specialists learned to prepare the real masterpieces, decorating cakes with unprecedented paints and figures. As a rule, eggs, butter and cream (or milk) with sugar are a part of complex creams. For appearance add food colors. They can be got without special work in shop today, but it is better to use natural paints nevertheless. For example, polished lemon zest will present a beautiful yellow shade, red or pink color can be received, using juice of red berries, wine or beet juice. Green color perfectly turns out from spinach, and brown – from coffee of strong tea leaves or the burned-through sugar. Probably, the most difficult in preparation are cottage cheese and custard as they need to be cooked. And here cream which part gelatin is will allow to create the real culinary masterpiece, it is possible to add various fruit and berries to it, so, cake will look really festively. Besides such dessert will be not only tasty, but also useful. For receiving cream with gelatin it is necessary to prepare a basis correctly. For creation of similar ornament one pack of powder (about 25 g) which needs to be prepared by the way specified on packing usually is enough. Then the received weight is added to a cup with the main ingredients (as a rule, it is sour cream or whipped cream). With gelatin it is necessary for a sour cream: - 25 g of gelatin; - 200 g of sour cream; - 120 g of icing sugar; - vanilla or other food flavors – to taste. Trouble gelatin in the way specified on a pack. In a separate cup to shake up sour cream and powder, to allow weight to infuse. Then, after emergence of foam to pour in gelatin, continuing to disturb. Put the received cream in the fridge before solidification.

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