What dishes cook on a New Year's table in a year of the Yellow Earth pig

What dishes cook on a New Year's table in a year of the Yellow Earth pig

According to east calendar of 2019 - year of the Yellow Earth pig. This animal symbolizes tranquility, satiety, joy and self-confidence. Therefore dishes which you will cook on a table on character have to correspond to a symbol of next year.

What has to be the menu on the year of the Pig?

Many consider a pig animal illegible, omnivorous and unpretentious. But in practice, it at all not so. A pig - a clever animal. She loves a variety, beauty and harmony. From here several rules which can use by drawing up New Year's menu 2019 follow:

  • Try to make a New Year's table tasty and various. At the same time everyone doesn't need to heat up it. There are enough several, but qualitative and refined dishes which will intertwine in uniform subject of a festive feast.
  • It isn't desirable to serve the pork dishes to a table. The cape can be any other - beef, a bird, a game, fish, etc.
  • Surely serve to a table the dishes with fresh greens, vegetables and fruit. Pigs as none of animals, love fresh and fleshy fruits and stalks. Thus you ""cajole"" a symbol of year and you will create a positive spirit for the future year.

What to prepare for New 2019?

Such traditional dishes as Russian salad, aspic or herring under a fur coat will always be decoration of a New Year's table. But the Earth pig wishes a variety. Therefore we advise you to prepare several original and tasty dishes for a New Year's table.

1. Roll from a turkey with spinach, cheese, olives and capers

Necessary products:

  • breast of a turkey (fillet) – 800 g,              
  • capers – couple of tablespoons,
  • olives without stones – 200 g,
  • parsley – a small bunch,
  • garlic – 3 zubk,
  • olive oil – a tablespoon,
  • feta cheese – 200 g,
  • thyme – couple of branches,
  • spinach – a big bunch,
  • salt, pepper.

Way of preparation:

Cut a breast of a turkey lengthways, without reaching the end a little. Open fillet like the book. Cover it with several layers of a film and it is accurate, trying not to tear, beat off a rolling pin. Fillet has to become thin and flat. Skim.

For a stuffing crush the blender capers, olives, garlic and parsley. Connect to olive oil. Carefully wash out spinach, spread out to dry on a towel.

Crumb feta, mix with the torn-off thyme leaves. On layer of fillet lay out a stuffing layers: at first spinach, then feta with a thyme and then olives with a capers.

Curtail long roll from a turkey. Densely inwrap roll in parchment, twist the ends. Then put roll on a foil and also densely inwrap in it, twirl the ends so that moisture didn't get in a parcel. Place roll in a wide pan with rather massive bottom. Pour boiled water that it reached approximately the middle of roll. Put on the minimum fire and prepare a baking plate by densely closed cover of 50 minutes. Once roll will need to be turned.

Get roll from a pan, exempt from a foil and parchment, cut chunks of 2-centimeter thickness.

2. Rolls from pepper with eggplants

For preparation of rolls from pepper with eggplants it will be required to you:

  • paprika – on couple of pods of yellow and red color,
  • eggplant of the average size – 1 piece,
  • tomato sauce (or tomato puree) – 150 ml,
  • olives without stones – 150 g,
  • capers – a tablespoon,
  • basilicas and oregano (dried) – on a pinch,
  • olive oil – 4 tablespoons,
  • sprinkling pepper, salt.

To prepare properly: 

Eggplant, without cleaning, cut in centimetric cubes. Put these cubes in a colander and salt. Mix that salt was evenly distributed. From above on eggplants put a plate, and on it – some cargo. Place a colander over a sink that excess liquid was where to flow down. Take eggplants in such look half an hour.

Cover pods of pepper with oil, put a baking plate most warmed grill. Wait for emergence on pods of dark burn marks, then shift vegetables in a package, hermetically close and leave for fifteen minutes. Remove a thin skin and a fruit stem with sunflower seeds. Cut each pod on three parts that wide strips turned out.

Heat oil, put the eggplants dried by a napkin. Fry them. Chop olives, capers. When eggplants become "ruddy", add to them olives and capers, tomato sauce and dry herbs. You extinguish ten minutes, occasionally mixing. Cool.

On strips of pepper a spoon lay out a stewed eggplants stuffing. Inwrap in rolls, fix by skewers. Before giving take rolls from pepper with eggplants some time in the fridge.

3. Pigeon's milk cake

For preparation it is required to you:

For the test:

  • half-glass of a glass of flour,
  • six yolks (proteins are used in souffle),
  • hundred grams of a desi,
  • glass of granulated sugar,
  • third of a spoon of tea soda,
  • one tablespoon of vinegar.

For souffle:

  • half of a glass of boiled cold water,
  • gelatin tablespoon,
  • six proteins,
  • third of a tablespoon of citric acid,
  • two glasses of granulated sugar.

For glaze:

  • one glass of granulated sugar,
  • two spoons of dining rooms of cocoa powder,
  • three tablespoons of water,
  • fifty grams of a desi.

For preparation of cake it is necessary to separate at first carefully the egg whites from the yolks and to put them in the fridge. We mix yolks with granulated sugar, the flour and soda extinguished by vinegar. All ingredients are carefully pounded. We spread the received dough an even layer on the oiled baking tray and we send to previously heated oven for ten-fifteen minutes. After this time accurately we get a ready cake layer from an oven and we remove hot from a baking sheet. Then we allow to cool down and it is careful not to break, we cut in half. As a result two cake layers for our future delicacy turn out.

It is a high time to be engaged in preparation of souffle.  

We fill in gelatin with boiled cold water and we leave approximately for an hour that it inflated. We put the inflated gelatin on a plate and at constant stirring on slow fire we bring to full dissolution, without allowing boiling at all.

We get their fridge the cooled proteins, we add citric acid and we shake up in strong foam. We add vanillin on a knife tip. Continuing to shake up, gradually we pour two glasses of sugar. And then, also carefully and gradually, we pour in the dissolved gelatin. We put aerated mass for five minutes in the fridge. After that we get our souffle, we spread on the lower cake layer, accurately we level and we cover with the top cake layer.

The final stage of preparation of "Pigeon's milk" — glaze.

We mix cocoa powder and a small amount of granulated sugar, carefully we stir. Then we pour in water in the received mix, we pour out the remained sugar and oil. We mix the turned-out weight, avoiding formation of lumps, and we put on fire. Stirring slowly constantly, we bring to the boil and full dissolution of granulated sugar. We remove from fire, we allow to cool down slightly. Cake is accurately watered with warm glaze from all directions and we put in the fridge. If desired it is possible to make drawings or patterns on glaze, to strew from above icing sugar or confectionery jewelry.

Here such tasty and original dishes can be prepared for new 2019 of the Yellow Earth pig.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team