What dishes the most expensive in the world

What dishes the most expensive in the world

Both first courses, and desserts occur among the delicacies entering the list of the most expensive. The high cost of these culinary miracles quite often is explained by use at their preparation of the rare ingredients or products created on special technology.

Buddha Jumps Over the Wall soup which is still mentioned in the ratings of expensive dishes was for the first time made in 2005 at the London restaurant of Chinese cuisine Kai Mayfair. This delicacy represents one of types of soup of shark fins differing in saturated taste. Quail eggs, bamboo sprouts, several species of mollusks, sea cucumbers, shark fins, pork, chicken meat, mushrooms and a ginseng are a part of a dish. Delicacy is prepared from the traditional recipe within two days and can consist of thirty main ingredients and twelve seasonings. Treat cost in 2005 was £108.

At Le Manoir aux Quat hotel restaurant' Saisons located in the English county of Oxfordshire cook Florette Sea & Earth salad which part several types of expensive caviar, truffles, lobsters, potatoes, olive oil, balsam vinegar and a gold foil are. Judging by the list of ingredients and their cost given on the website of BBC TV channel, salad which portion will cost visitors of restaurant £635 turns out so expensive because of caviar. However,' Saisons give to Le Manoir aux Quat also more democratic types of this dish costing only £40.

The Golden Opulence which was prepared at the American restaurant Serendipity 3 on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of an institution is distinguished from sweet dishes. The dessert consists of ice cream with Amedei Porcelana chocolate which is mentioned in the ratings of the most expensive products. The dish served in a crystal glass with a gold spoon is decorated by candied fruits and gold leaf. The cost of a portion of such treat was $1000. However, a year later at the same restaurant created a dessert worth $25,000. The ice cream with whipped cream and chocolates decorated by a gold foil is served in a glass which basis is decorated with a bracelet with diamonds. The American jewelry company Euphoria New York took part in creation of this dish.

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