What fruit pregnant women can eat

What fruit pregnant women can eat

Food of the pregnant woman has to be as it is possible more variously, and products - as it is possible more usefully. Even concerning fruit it is necessary to be more attentive – some to pregnant women are it is possible and it is necessary, and you shouldn't use some.


1. Consult with the doctor conducting pregnancy – will explain you what fruit pregnant women can eat. Apples are allowed to eat almost with everything. They contain a large amount of citric and apple acid, tannins, minerals. It is better to eat apples in the raw, approximately for half an hour before the main meal – they remarkably stimulate office of gastric juice.

2. Pregnant women can eat pears as a well of mineral substances. Vitamins B them contains not especially much. Pears perfectly refresh and help at diseases of kidneys and the blood circulatory systems, well influence digestion.

3. During pregnancy, not everyone can use a citrus. For example, tangerines can cause allergies therefore it is necessary to be guided first of all by individual intolerance. A citrus in itself – the real storeroom of ascorbic acid that is useful both during pregnancy, and for postnatal restoration. Grapefruits, lemons where a lot of potassium and citrine contains are especially useful.

4. Apricots even in small quantity are capable to have on blood formation process exclusively salutary effect, comparable unless with action of a fresh liver. Apricots normalize work of intestines and remove hypostases therefore to pregnant women is them not only it is possible, but also it is necessary.

5. Pomegranate from an extreme antiquity was applied in the medical purposes. Juice of this fruit stimulates appetite, possesses bile-expelling, diuretic action, regulates activity of a stomach. Pomegranate juice has anesthetic, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action. Because of a large amount of vitamin C pomegranate juice very sour. It is better to drink it in combination with beet or carrot juice.

6. Bananas at pregnancy should be used only in a ripe look. They can be eaten and as a separate breakfast, and in combination with other fruit. Dried fruits recommend almost to all – they not only keep useful substances of fresh fruit, but also contain many organic acids, phosphorus, potassium, iron, vitamins. Before the use it is better to soak them. Dried apricots and dried apricots are eaten in order that the organism of future kid received more calcium, potassium, iron and organic acids. Better source of potassium consider raisin which besides also has the calming effect.

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