What herbs can be drunk instead of tea

What herbs can be drunk instead of tea

Tea came to Russia not so long ago by historical standards, but managed to take root so that it is already represented traditional Russian drink. The pleasure and advantage brought to them don't raise doubts, but there is a set of chayepodobny drinks from the herbs, with success replacing tea.

In specialized shops along with tea, herbal blends are on sale. It is possible to buy them, and it is possible to prepare independently from the herbs having "near at hand". Such teas can be not only it is more useful, but also is more tasty than purchased mixes, they will be made taking into account own tastes and requirements. The herbs growing in that area where the person lives are especially useful.


The national name of a willow-herb – "ivan-tea". Having made the dried-up leaves of this plant, it is possible to receive great chayepodobny drink. For this purpose it is necessary to fill in with a glass of boiled water 2 tablespoons of the dried-up willow-herb leaves, to insist 10 minutes, and then to drink, having diluted with water to taste.

It is difficult to overestimate useful properties of such "tea". It has the anti-inflammatory, sudorific and calming effect. It isn't necessary to have "tea" from a willow-herb before the road or just before a dream, it has also diuretic effect.


"Tea" from a dogrose is very useful. More vitamin C, than a lemon or blackcurrant contain fruits, there are at them and other vitamins – B1, B2, B6, E, K, SS. Broth of a dogrose lowers pressure, strengthens blood vessels. The simplest recipe of drink from a dogrose is as follows: on 20 g of fruits – 5 g of lemon juice, 15 g of honey. It is possible to combine hips with other ingredients – for example, to take 10 g of mountain ash berries and 5 g of leaves of an oregano on 20 g of its fruits. It is possible to make the all-strengthening drink on the basis of hips: on 20 g of fruits – 10 g of berries of a bird cherry, 30 g of a nettle family of leaves and 20 berries of bilberry. Such mix in number of one tablespoon is cooked by 10 minutes, having filled in with a glass of boiled water, and then insist within an hour, drink with honey. Other all-strengthening mix includes along with 30 g of hips the same quantity of a nettle family of leaves, 10 g of cowberry leaves and honey to taste. Having filled in a mix tablespoon with 2 glasses of boiled water, it is necessary to cook it 10 minutes then 2 hours to insist in a thermos.

Other herbal teas

Herbal blends for chayepodobny drinks can be made and independently. At the same time it is necessary to be careful, several herbs having strong aroma – such as melissa, mint, a thyme – can give very unpleasant odor when mixing. It is better to include one such grass and several neutral in mix. It is possible to give recipes of vitamin teas as an example. Such mixes aren't medicinal, all people can drink them also in any quantities. Preparation of strawberry tea will require about 2 g of mint and a St. John's wort on 10 g of strawberry leaves. Mountain ash tea is cooked from dried berries of a rowan (30 g), by raspberries (5 g), blackcurrant leaves (2 g). Heather tea can be made from 2 g of leaves of a heather, the same quantity of leaves of a dogrose and 10 g of strawberry leaves.

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