What is fermented baked milk and than it is useful

What is fermented baked milk and than it is useful

Fermented baked milk — at many is favourite drink it is from the childhood.

Secrets of its production were known some more hundreds years ago. For what this fermented milk product was fallen in love to people and in what its advantage — we will tell you in this article.

What dairy drink is rich with

Fermented baked milk — the real well of vitamins, macro - and minerals and other useful substances. Drinking only one liter of this dairy drink a day, you will be able to sate the organism with standard daily rate of calcium and phosphorus.

Besides these extraordinary important macrocells for full work of your organism, this drink contains:

  • group B vitamins;
  • hardware;
  • potassium;
  • magnesium.

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Also it should be added about amino acids, vitamin A, proteins, carbohydrates and other useful substances. Fermented baked milk caloric content directly depends on the fat content of milk from which drink was made. For example, in fermented baked milk with the fat content of 1% the caloric content is about 50 kcal, and in 6 percent drink the caloric content can reach 100 kcal. Besides, its use does not leave in a stomach of feeling of weight that too it is possible to carry to a positive side.

Important! Choosing fermented milk products in shop, pay attention to integrity of the package, date of production and structure — at production of quality products do not use preservatives, stabilizers and dry substitutes of milk.

Advantage of fermented baked milk for an organism

Regular consumption of tasty drink is very useful for kids and also their parents. Nutritionists and nutritsiolog unanimously advise to enter it into the daily diet. What advantage is born by fermented baked milk for a human body, we learn now.


Fermented baked milk — extraordinary useful fermented milk product for women of all age. First of all it is the irreplaceable assistant during diets and fasting days. Having drunk a glass of fermented baked milk as having a snack, you receive the mass of useful substances, at the same time sense of fulness will not abandon you for a long time. Let's consider in more detail, than fermented baked milkbe still useful to a female body:

  1. Fresh fermented baked milk (for up to three days from the date of production) has small laxative effect. Therefore such drink is advised to drink nutritionists at violation of work of digestive tract.
  2. To pregnant women and the feeding mothers this product will help to saturate an organism with calcium which plays a huge role in development of the growing organism. The useful structure of this superdrink will help with fight against deficiency of vitamins and minerals in a female body.
  3. In the period of a menopause and also at painful monthly consumption of fermented baked milk can facilitate pain syndromes considerably.
  4. Regular consumption of this drink helps to keep a female body in a tone, and existence of sour-milk bacteria well affects healthy complexion.

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Men will be able to estimate beneficial influence on the organism at regular consumption of this dairy drink too:

  1. For male athletes the consumption of drink after strong physical activities will be especially useful. Nutritious fermented baked milk will satisfy hunger after the training, and protein and magnesium will help muscles to be more elastic and stronger.
  2. At many men who recently stepped a forty-year threshold manifestations of various diseases of an urinogenital system become more frequent. The lactic acid which is contained in fermented baked milk will help to facilitate discomfort at urination and also to adjust this process. Taking fermented baked milk together with the drugs appointed by the doctor, you considerably will accelerate process of recovery of your organism.
  3. As excellent help fermented baked milk in treatment of a hungover syndrome acts.
  4. Regular consumption of this dairy drink will help to clean a male body from toxins, and normalization of microflora in intestines will help to strengthen immunity.

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In what time of day it is better to drink

Fermented baked milk on a table always by the way at any time. But if to speak about assimilation of two main useful elements which are its part — calcium and protein, then they are easier acquired day exactly at night.

Important! Nutritionists do not recommend simultaneous consumption of fermented baked milk and products with the increased protein content — meat, eggs or fish.

Application in house cosmetology: recipes

Medical effect of this drink extends not only to internals of the person. For a long time people knew that it helps not only to satisfy hunger and and to cure many diseases.

In traditional medicine there is a huge number of recipes on the basis of fermented milk products which are designed to solve cosmetology problems. Available ingredients and simplicity of preparation of face packs and a body does possible their use for each person. We will tell you about the most popular recipes on the basis of fermented baked milk.

Mask for hair

For the weakened, dim hair and also for hair with the splitting ends of a mask with fermented baked milk — the real rescue. Lactic acid fills with force the injured hair, gives volume at roots and also eliminates dryness of skin, saving you from dandruff. It is possible to apply fermented baked milk as in pure form, and with honey, olive oil, cognac or crude eggs.

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Additional ingredients depend on your type of hair and effect which you expect after application of a mask.

  1. The strengthening mask for all types of hair. You need warm fermented baked milk which should be applied on hair and to cover from above with polyethylene or a towel. It is in addition possible to warm up hair the hair dryer. To leave for 20–30 minutes, then to wash out a large amount of warm water. Such masks are especially good after hot summer when the bright sun takes away all moisture from hair, doing them fragile and dim.
  2. Mask for a hair shine. You need fermented baked milk, olive oil (it is also possible to take castor, burdock or coconut — on 1 tablespoon of everyone) and crude egg. The received mix carefully mixes up and applied on hair. The head to wrap up and leave for 20 minutes. After the procedure carefully to wash up hair cool water.
  3. Mask for growth and the volume of hair. Besides the main sour-milk ingredient you need olive oil (1 tablespoon), mustard (1 teaspoon). Everything mixes up and applied on hair. In 20 minutes the mask is washed away by a large amount of warm water.

Face pack

Especially well fermented milk products influence the fat and combined skin. Calcium helps process of updating of epidermis, normalizing at the same time production of skin fat.

Whether you know? Practically each people have the national dairy drink. For example, Georgians have a yogurt, Tatars have a koumiss, at Armenians — matsun, Arabs have a mullet.

We bring to your attention three recipes which will help to return to your skin the healthy and shining look.

  1. Vitamin mask for any types of skin. The easiest and easy way to improve appearance of your skin. You need fermented baked milk which should be applied to in advance cleaned face skin and zones of a decollete. In 20 minutes wash warm water. Afterwards it is possible to apply any moisturizing cream on your type of skin.
  2. Mask srub for clarification and updating of the top layers of epidermis. Mix fermented milk product and small sea salt in equal parts. Apply the received gruel to the cleaned skin. With slight circular motions massage a face, then leave for 15 minutes. Wash away warm water and apply soft cream.
  3. Moisturizing mask. This mask perfectly will suit owners of dry skin, especially in winter season. Add cucumber half juice to fermented milk product. Mix mix and put on a face. Let's a mask dry up and in 15 minutes wash away warm water.

Improving bathtubs

Sour-milk bathtubs — an excellent alternative to expensive procedures in day spa. On a full bathtub you need one liter of dairy drink. Water temperature has to be not less than 40 °C. Only 10 minutes a day in such bathtub, and you will be able to calm nervous system and also to improve a condition of integuments. For fixing of effect the two-week course of acceptance of sour-milk bathtubs is recommended.

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Who is not recommended to drink and as can do much harm

Despite obvious advantage of consumption of this fermented milk product, in certain cases it is not recommended to drink fermented baked milk:

  • intolerance of protein;
  • the increased acidity of a stomach;
  • presence of gastric diseases, for example, gastritis and an ulcer, especially in an aggravation stage;

In certain cases there can be a negative reaction to a treat — feeling of swelling or weight in a stomach, a meteorizm and also there can be violations of work of digestive tract. But such reactions a rarity, especially if to adhere to the recommendations to the use stated above.

Whether you know? If your child does not differ in good appetite, try to treat him with fermented baked milk before the main meal. Lactic acid enhances appetite and stimulates work of digestive tract.

Now you know that fermented baked milk is called not for nothing superdrink. Try to begin the day with a glass of fermented milk product, and shortly you will see changes to the best in work of your organism.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team