What is having a snack

What is having a snack

The use of small volume of products between the main meals is having a snack. Most often for this purpose use chips, sandwiches, nuts, cookies, etc.


1. For someone having a snack, a way of satisfying of hunger during the working day. Others try to derive other benefit from such food, for example, to distract from problems or to lose weight. Anyway, periodically eating products in the certain portions, people are involved in a food rhythm, get used to this daily ritual.

2. Meanwhile, experts claim that eating through some time of a portion of food, it is possible to remain healthy and vigorous or on the contrary, to do much harm to own organism. Competently to eat, it is necessary to know some rules of food and to choose a useful meal. It is important to understand that having a snack — necessary action as a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner. But to eat everything that comes hand, the most important mistake in food.

3. Receiving full-fledged food several times in a day, the system of digestion of a healthy organism receives uniform loading. In this regard the person improves intellectual and physical working capacity. The feeling of fatigue decreases, the mood is lightened. Such having a snack can be considered useful.

4. It is scientifically established that the interval between food has to be on average 2-3 hours. For this period the appetite begins to develop. It is necessary to muffle this feeling of hunger light, useful having a snack. It is the best of all to choose not cakes and chocolate, but low-calorie products as fractional food.

5. It is necessary to carry kefir and fermented milk products to useful products which could bring benefit to health. This food well influences intestinal microflora, reduces cholesterol level, helps an organism to acquire calcium, phosphorus, zinc, etc. Seasonal vegetables, fresh fruit, dried fruits, nuts and berries, all this the correct products for having a snack. All know about biological value of these viands. Considering their caloric content, portions should be normalized. Also conveniently it is also useful to use between the main meal boiled egg with salt and pepper. Also apple chips are appropriate, they can be done independently. Cheese, brynza, rye grades of bread and small loafs, all this the correct having a snack which volume has to be moderate.

6. Choosing meat or fish for fractional food, know what best of all suits chicken fillet, turkeys and veal. Fish can be taken any grades. The fatty fish contains bigger quantity an omega-3 of fatty acids. These substances promote preservation of youth, help to support a cardiovascular system of an organism.

7. Except day, having a snack can be and night. Such acceptance of food can become useful only if the eaten food in day doesn't exceed necessary norm. It depends on degree of physical activity of the person.

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