What is prepared from a chokeberry

What is prepared from a chokeberry

Dried fruits of a chokeberry or aroniya apply in medicine to treatment of vessels, avitaminosis, a hypertension, etc. From fresh fruits cook fragrant liqueurs and wine, tasty juice, and jam, use berries in pastries.

Preparation of liqueur from a chokeberry

For preparation of liqueur it is necessary to lay the clean touched berries (2-3 kg) in bank and to fill in with vodka (1 bottle). Add sugar at will. The bank should close densely a cover and for two weeks to remove to the dark place. After insisting all structure should be filtered through a small sieve or a gauze, strongly to wring out berries. Then to add still some sugar. Than its is more, especially drink will turn out sweet and viscous. Ready liqueur needs to be stirred to full sugar remelting and, a flood on bottles, to cork.

That the rowan gave the maximum quantity of juice, it is better to add bigger amount of sugar after insisting of drink.

Preparation of jam from a chokeberry

Preparation of an aroniya means not only drying of fruits of a rowan, but also their use as a basis for jam. Such dish by one of easy ways of cooking with the maximum preservation of vitamins is cooked. On kilogram of berries the kilogram of granulated sugar undertakes. The sugar syrup to which berries fall then is separately prepared and cook within five minutes. The structure is cooled. Cooking repeats in several stages to full readiness of fruits. Ready jam spreads on banks.

The way of cooking of "five-minute" doesn't allow vitamins and minerals to collapse completely. Jam keeps all useful properties of a chernoplodka.

The recipe of a biscuit with an aroniya

To make these pastries, it is possible to use the dried-up chokeberry instead of raisin. Fruits need previously to be filled in with hot water that they inflated and softened. Ingredients: - glass of kefir; - 2 eggs; - glass of sugar; - teaspoon soda ½ (to extinguish in vinegar); - salt pinch; - a glass of semolina (with the hill); - glass of wheat flour; - a tablespoon of the creamy kindled oil; - half of a glass of a dried rowan.

Desi can be replaced with margarine, purified corn or olive oil.

Everything properly mixes up. On a bottom of a deep frying pan parchment or an oil paper gives all the best. Frying pan walls need to be oiled too, then to pour out dough. Such biscuit is baked at a temperature of 180-200 degrees about forty minutes. It is necessary to pierce pastries a wooden stick to make sure of readiness. Grains shouldn't stick to it. It is possible to divide a magnificent cake layer into two layers and to miss the mark them with jam or jam.

Preparation of drinks

As the rowan has a tart basis, for juice preparation in addition use apple, grape or any more sweet natural drink. Fruits of a rowan split up to a pastelike state the blender and then mix with juice.

Using juice from a chokeberry, it is necessary to remember that it reduces arterial blood pressure!

Recipe of wine from a chokeberry

Ingredients: - 2 glasses of berries of raspberry for a mash; - 3 kg of fruits of a rowan; - 2 kg of sugar and 2 tablespoons for a mash; - 3 liters of water. At first prepare a mash. Berries of raspberry fill in with halfliters of water and add sugar. The structure is stirred, covered with a gauze and for couple of days is left for a sbrazhivaniye. Dirty fruits of a rowan crush the blender to gruel. Water and sugar is added. Finished wort pours out, everything mixes up. Wine is placed in a vessel for fermenting out which is equipped with a special tube for gas discharge. The tube has to be lowered in the container with water. Process of fermentation lasts about one and a half months. Then drink is filtered and spilled on banks for final upholding.

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