What is the yogurt maker

What is the yogurt maker

For a long time useful properties of yogurts are known and it is difficult to meet the person who didn't try this product. The natural yoghourt shouldn't contain foreign substances: thickeners, pectins, powdered milk and preservatives. It isn't possible to buy such dairy product in shop practically, but it can be prepared independently by means of the yogurt maker.


1. As a rule, the capacity of yogurt makers is one liter. There are two types of these devices: with several vessels for a zakvashivaniye (seven-eight jars) and with one big vessel. For storage of a ready-made product conveniently if lids of vessels have function of exposure of date of production. It is the best of all for big family to choose the yogurt maker with several jars that everyone could eat the portion of home-made dairy product, without pouring from the general ware.

2. Many yogurt makers are equipped with the timer. This function is very convenient, but isn't obligatory at all. The cost of such device is slightly more expensive, than yogurt makers without timer. That in house conditions to make yogurt, you will need milk and also sour-milk bacteria which contain in yogurt, usual kefir or special ferments. Milk needs to be boiled and cooled previously up to the necessary temperature. Mix milk with sour-milk bacteria, pour in vessels and put in the yogurt maker, include in network. Jars don't need to be covered in preparation time, it is enough to close the yogurt maker.

3. Farther everything will make the device independently: will heat to necessary temperature, will support it, itself will be switched off. Preparation time of yogurts makes from six to ten hours. It will be necessary only to take jars with a ready-made product and to remove in the fridge for an hour, after that it is possible to eat a natural house yoghourt safely.

4. For successful operation of this device it is recommended to observe several simple, but important rules. The location of the yogurt maker has to provide rest in operating time, it is very important for a good and correct zakvashivaniye of fermented milk products. Before preparation of yogurt it is necessary to study attentively the enclosed instruction, you will find detailed recipes for desserts and the instruction for use in it.

5. It is possible to cook in this unique device not only yogurt and kefir, but also other fermented milk products (fermented baked milk, cottage cheese, varenets, sour cream). Some people ask a question whether it is worth buying the yogurt maker as it takes a lot of place and functionality of the device are limited. Before acquisition it is necessary to think, kefir, yogurt and other sour-milk products of a home cooking are how important for you whether you will spend further on it time. For families with children and people with digestive tract diseases such purchase will become useful acquisition.

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